Top Ways To Get A Green Card

If you are reading this article at the moment then chances are that you have been dying to get a green card and become a US citizen for the rest of your life. Now, there can be several reasons why you want to become a part of US but most of the people just drool over the name of green card because it is an undeniable fact that when you become a US national, you are open to more opportunities, the jobs are better out there and the living standards are also better.

Green card

Long story short, it’s like a dream for almost everyone in the world to get a green card but this process isn’t as simple as it seems and it requires a lot of paperwork and a lot of knowledge too about where to go and where to seek help. In fact, we are pretty sure that you didn’t even know about the National Interest Waiver that waives off the offer of employment by establishing the fact that you want a green card just for the sake of national interest. The point is that even before thinking about getting a green card, you should first gather all the possible knowledge you can and then take this step.

Now, if you are someone who wants to know about the ways to get a green card then yes, you are at the right place, reading the right article. Today we are going to jot down all the possible ways you can opt for to become a US national. So, folks, do take notes of what we are about to reveal to you because this article can actually be very useful for you in the long run.  

1- Get A Green Card Through Your Family

If you are close to a US citizen or if you are relatives with someone who already has a green card then this can be the best and the fastest possible way to get yourself a green card too. You can hold a petition for it as soon as possible and the process will start right away. A US citizen can petition a spouse, children who aren’t married and are under the age of 21 and parents who are above 21. You just need to fill out some forms and then your process will start as soon as possible. However, let us clear one thing to you that if you are unmarried and under 21 then it’s easier for you to get a green card through the family. And if you are married and above 21 then the process can take longer than expected, and you will have to go through more paperwork because the laws of immigration are different for you.

2- Get A Green Card Through A Job

If you have received an invitation for a permanent job in the US by a company or another employee then yes, this can be your golden ticket to a green card. However, if not this then you can become an investor and invest in any of the US’s business to apply for green card. Just make sure that your investment is at least $1,000,000 because this way the chances of getting a green card will increase.


These are the two best and the fastest ways that can help you in getting the US nationality. So, opt for any one of the above ways and we assure you that you will end up with some good news. Just be patient because getting a green card is a one time taking the process and rushing things will just make it more difficult for you to get the green card.

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