VonHaus 600W Corded 2 in 1 Handheld Vacuum “The User’s Choice”

Last updated on March 16th, 2018 at 10:37 am

VonHaus 600W

VonHaus 600W is a 2-in-1 handheld vacuum cleaner which has something more to offer. It features HEPA filtration system which comes handy for those who have asthma and other respiratory problems.

Keep in mind that it is not completely sealed. You might be exposed to dust when you clean it, as it doesn’t have a bag.

However, HEPA filter prevents maximum amount of fine dust and allergens once they are sucked in.

The VonHaus 600W features the 2-in-1 system that can be used as handheld floor cleaner as it has different attachments.In rugs or deep cleaning carpets, it won’t work as it lacks motorized brush.

But it still comes handy on homes with bare floors as it provides enough power to collect most debris and it is light enough.

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What we’ve liked In VonHaus 600W

VonHaus 600W Vacuum Cleaner

  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with HEPA filtration
  • Dirt cup of decent size
  • Very versatile to clean upstairs, floors, and upholstery
  • Easy to adjust height to meet your needs with telescopic wand

Things we didn’t like VonHaus 600W

  • Power cord is very short
  • No integrated lock-in attachments. It relies only on friction
  • No motorized brush. You need to buy a tool with beater bar
  • Plastic attachments are prone to crack when you apply a lot of pressure
  • Noisy
  • The narrow way might be clogged with floor tool or any attachment

Key Features Of VonHaus 600W Corded Vacuum

VonHaus 600W Corded Vacuum

The telescopic wand is one of the handy features as it will let you adjust the height according to your needs.

You can easily adjust the height according to your needs.

This stick vacuum is one of its kinds because only canister vacuums have this feature.

HEPA filter is another key feature as it filters out most of the dirt.

When you empty the bag of VonHaus 600W, you are still exposed to dust but you have no need to buy any bags.

Carpet Performance

As discussed earlier, VonHaus 600W lacks motorized brush which will affect carpet performance and it can pick up only surface dirt. For deep cleaning the carpet, don’t rely on it.

Bare Floor Cleaning

On bare floor, it will give its best performance like tile or hardwood as it lacks motorized brush.

It is good as there is no need to scratch any linoleum finish or hardwood brush and it is worst because it doesn’t provide good carpet performance.

The telescopic wand on it gives nicely to feel as it lets you to adjust the height and you can clean up the stairs while other stick vacuums lack this kind of feature.

Removes Pet Hair

VonHaus 600W Corded Vacuum Cleaner

This floor cleaner can remove pet hair only on linoleum, hardwood, or tile.

But it won’t work on carpet as it doesn’t have the motorized brush.

VonHaus 600W can clean up pet hair on upholstery with its upholstery attachment.

But it won’t work like a mini motor turbo brush or pet hair tool with other brands.

Under the Box

The VonHaus 600W comes with combination crevice, upholstery tool, and brush tool as well as a hose to clean areas over the floor like tables or upholstery.

Final Words About The VonHaus 600W  

VonHaus 600W is one of the best devices for those, who need a best-corded vacuum cleaner for their house and offices.

As the device offering a wide range of latest technology and features, so it has the potential to be the best one of yours.

So, guys, this was all about the VonHaus 600W vacuum cleaner, and now you just have to visit the amazon.com to check out the reviews and rating on this device. 

And, still if you have any doubt about any best cordless vacuum cleaner, then leave your query in the comment box, and we will try our best to give you the best answer as soon as we can.

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