Travel Influencer Marketing 101: How to Grow Your Tourism Brand

In the United States, the travel agency industry generates more than $17.3 billion in revenue each year. However, the agencies are not only about revenue generation and money. They also play a critical role in ensuring that the tourism industry benefits tremendously.  

Travel agencies are tourism brands. They have several effective ways of growing themselves and enjoying increased visibility. One such method is by hiring influencers in practice known as influencer marketing

A good understanding of what this type of marketing entails is essential for growth. In such a highly competitive market, it is necessary to pick strategies that give you an edge over other agencies. Otherwise, you might have to join the list of agencies that fold shop each year. 

Below is a highlight of several travelling tips that make it easier to grasp the essence of marketing using influencers. As you read these useful travel tips, you will also learn to appreciate the role that multi-domain Wildcard SSL plays in all these. 

An influencer is a recent addition to the English dictionary. Merriam-Webster dictionary added it to the list of words in that collection in 2019. Despite the relative freshness of the name, the concept of influencer marketing is not as recent. 

The concept is quite simple. The world is full of people who seek to influence clients to try different things. In recent times, that trend has picked up around the world like a bushfire, especially with the emergence of social media. 

To appreciate the role that influencers play, you must understand the kind of money involved in their trade. In 2020, a regular influencer is capable of earning as much as $100,000 per year for posting on social media sites such as Instagram or YouTube. 

Furthermore, the money one makes on a crucial factor. Influencers can be either micro or macro. Usually, macro-influencers carry 50K to 300K followers on a particular social media platform. 

On the other hand, micro-influencers have a reach of between 2,000 and 50,000 people that follow them on a specific social media channel. The numbers involved here are not an aggregate of all the followers. As stated, they are restricted to channels. 

Macro influencers take charge for their services. For this reason, many startup tourism or travel agencies might find them too expensive. A micro-influencer, though, is more affordable, hence a good fit for agencies that wish to evolve into full-fledged tourism brands. 


  • Advantages of Influencer Marketing for the Travel Industry:


Influencer marketing has multiple benefits to the travel industry. If it were not beneficial, it might never appeal to any agency. Worse yet is that it would never produce the marketing benefits that your brand craves to stand out. The full list of benefits includes: 


  • Building Trust and Demonstrating Authority:


For starters, it remains an effective strategy for building trust and demonstrating authority. The most successful travel agencies know how to build trust with clients. More than that, they also present themselves as authorities in their field. 

  • Makes Your Brand the Hottest Topic:

Do you want your brand to be the hottest property on social media? Do you want it to trend or go viral? In that case, you would have to pay micro-influencers to talk about the brand. Allow them to create and show their 2,000-50,000 followers the benefits of buying what you offer. 


  • Influence Purchasing Decisions:


In today’s world, clients base their purchasing decisions on many factors. For example, they rely on word of mouth. In this regard, nothing works more powerfully than words from influencers. It sways opinions; shapes the thought process; and convinces clients to buy from you. 


  • Boosts SEO:


Have you been worrying yourself sick about SEO? Influencer marketing might be what the doctor ordered to solve this problem. The backlinks you get from credible sources would push your SEO strategies higher and make them more useful. 

  • Credible Backlinks:

As stated above, you get credible backlinks. Such backlinks are essential SEO tools that make your site appear more trustworthy. Soon, improved rankings will also follow thus making you as famous as fresh pizza is to Italians. 


  • Where to Find the Best Travel Influencers:


Finding the best travel influencers is as easy as pie. You should kick your search off on the relevant social media channels. Instagram is one of the hottest places for conducting your search. Other than that, Facebook and YouTube would also work wonders for you. 

However, you must know how to find the best ones. There are several ways of doing that. They include researching hashtags, especially those relevant to the types of packages that you offer. Apart from that, you would also benefit from:

  • Finding Instagram accounts that look like yours
  • Looking for influencers who blog on travel tips
  • Using Google Alerts
  • Using influencer marketing platforms
  • Looking for lists of top travel influencers on the Internet


  • How to Choose the Right Influencer for Your Company:


Your company is different from other travel agencies. For this reason, it’s essential to look for influencers who fit the profile of your firm. Look for those with shared values. It might surprise you to note that several micro-influencers meet your requirements. Other tips for applying include: 

Studying essential metrics, such as high engagement rates, website traffic, and SEO metrics

Researching various types of influencers with an emphasis on their niche

Evaluating the main topics that each influencer writes or blogs about

Identifying each influencer’s social media reach

  • How to Make Sure You Both Get the Best Experience and Results:

Travel agencies must know how to work with their influencers. For example, forcing the influencer to advertise your brand without discussing the terms of engagement first might be counterproductive. During the discussion, you should also talk about what you will offer him. 

Remember, influencer marketing is all about collaboration. One party shouldn’t have to carry the entire luggage of marketing alone. In this respect, marketing is two-way traffic. While at it, look for many ways of collaborating with your preferred influencer or blogger. 


  • Ways to Collaborate with Travel Blogger/Influencer:


Now that you have found your blogger, the next step is to identify ways of collaborating with him. Fortunately, that’s not as hard as you imagine. Today, technology has availed many tools that you can use to maximize your efforts. 

  • Look for untapped search traffic to exploit
  • Create inspiring stunning visual content
  • Plan the influencer’s travels together
  • Provide ideas for the travel itinerary
  • Engage with the influencer regularly
  • Define your audience
  • Measure results
  • Respond to all online feedback
  • Share all user-generated content
  • Produce marketing videos, social media posts, and blog posts together
  • Organizing social media takeovers
  • Request blog mention actively without being overly aggressive


  • Influencer Marketing Tips for Hotels:


How can hotels work with influencers to market their facilities? First, an excellent hotel should only do that after investing in multi-domain Wildcard SSL. Otherwise, the website would not be as impactful as the influencer envisages. 

The next step involves adding as many influencers to the hotel’s programming as possible. Secondly, most hotels create new programming each quarter. It’s the responsibility of the influencers to work with the hotel to promote programming creatively. 

Good hotels produce tons of video shoots. The videos serve marketing purposes too. For this reason, influencers must appear on these videos. Each video must respect the influencer’s voice, style, and niche.  

Hotels organize plenty of events during the year. You will not find a much better place to invite influencers than to these events. 

Make sure a video production team is in place to capture the influencer performing his magic too. 


  • Influencer Marketing Tricks for Travel Agencies:


Travel agencies can benefit a lot by incorporating influencers into their marketing teams. This doesn’t work with short-term engagements alone, though. Instead, the influencers must be permanent members of the marketing team and should be like a family.  

Secondly, influencers can push travel agencies to build brand authenticity. That happens because they are good at creating content that is both trustworthy and genuine. Social proof is necessary here, especially for your most remarkable destinations.  

Remember to work with the influencers to drive your bookings too. Allow them to transition into brand ambassadors too. That way, they will boost customer acquisition. Customer awareness also improves significantly with their involvement.  


Are you convinced of the importance of hiring influencers to turn your travel agency into a tourism brand? This article has provided a detailed explanation of what influence marketing entails. It has also listed a few travelling tips that you should ape. 

Do not forget to spend money on useful multi-domain Wildcard SSL too. It is just as valuable as all the travel tips you might put into practice. Turn the fortunes of your brand around by hiring a micro-influencer.

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