Top Trends of Mirror Designs & Uses in 2020

Mirrors are the heart and soul of the interior space and play a key role in augmenting the beauty and aesthetic appeal of the home. The use of mirrors in interior space is one of the oldest traditions in design and continues to be massively popular and trendy in the world of contemporary design. This delicate décor item injects a touch of sophistication and class in design and develops a stronger coherency between different elements of design. Every room has its special and distinct mirror type made solely for the unique design needs of that particular space. For instance, the bathroom mirror is specifically tailored to satisfy the need for accessibility and aesthetics in a bathroom space. In the same way, there are multiple unique mirrors designed for numerous unique rooms in a home. 

Importance of mirrors in home interior design

importance of mirrors

The widespread use and popularity of mirrors often make us wonder why these delicate design elements have become so important in home interior design. The reason for its prevalent popularity lies in its apparent aesthetic beauty and not-so-apparent advantageous features. These reflective décor elements play a massive role in augmenting the spaciousness of the home and the proper placement of the mirrors makes the room appear larger and more spacious. 

Most importantly, mirrors have become the essence of interior design and the absence of mirrors makes the living space appear imperfect and incomplete. These mirrors resonate with the beauty of the home décor and have become almost an obligatory décor element in today’s world of interior design. In addition to this, every unique mirror type has its advantages and features which make it immensely important and significant. For instance, the makeup mirror is a necessity for a makeup room and a gym wall mirror is almost compulsory for the fitness room and home gym. 

What types of mirror designs are available in 2020?

Types of mirrors

There are myriads of modernistic mirror options available for homeowners to renovate and decorate their living spaces. Every unique mirror type is designed to satisfy the distinct design needs of the interior space and is made to seamlessly blend in with the contemporary themes of the interior décor. These fancy and decorative mirrors make the room appear exceptionally beautiful and provide homeowners the freedom to practice creativity in home renovations and design.


  • Makeup Mirrors

makeup mirrors


There are numerous amazing kinds of makeup mirrors available at Fab Glass and Mirror and these mirrors are a perfect design inclusion for any small and large bedroom. These mirrors work the best along with an array of light running across the beautiful mirror frame and help you polish makeup and look the most spectacular. These mirrors can be customized and designed per homeowners’ unique needs and are available in the countertop, wall-mounted, and standing mirror styles.


  • Bathroom Mirrors

bathroom mirrors


Every small and large bathroom space requires exceptional beauty to satisfy its unique accessibility and aesthetics needs. Bathroom mirrors come in numerous unique shapes and styles and are designed to endure the tests of time. Made with modernistic glass, these mirrors are stubborn & durable and also helps make the bathroom space look more spacious and airy. 


  • Antique Mirrors

antique mirrors


Antique wall mirrors resonate with an unparalleled sense of sophistication and class. These mirrors seamlessly blend in with the traditionalistic and contemporary décor themes and make the living space look apart.  Contemporary design enthusiasts often use antique mirror panel in bathrooms, living rooms, and backsplashes. These mirrors also serve as a perfect choice for renovating vanity station and its elegance is truly matchless. 


  • Decorative Mirrors

decorative mirrors


Fancy and elegant decorative wall mirrors can truly revamp the entire outlook of the interior space. These mirrors have endless applications in and around the house and can be customized per the homeowners’ unique design needs. A good quality decorative mirror is one of the best design ideas for renovating the interior space economically. These mirrors are widely available in numerous stylish shapes such as the oval, ring, circular, square, and many more. 


  • Wall Mirrors

wall mirrors


A beautiful wall mirror is a thing of beauty and is a perfect design inclusion for both small and large interior space. There are myriads of exceptional contemporary design ideas and themes revolving around exceptional and exquisite wall mirrors. In contemporary homes, wall mirrors don the living rooms, alleys, & bedrooms and are available in both frameless and framed mirror types. 


  • Full-Length Mirror

full length mirrors


Full-length mirrors are getting increasingly popular in bathroom spaces and are often placed on wardrobes. In addition to this, standing large floor mirrors are also getting more and more popular and are commonly used to inject a sense of augmented space and roominess. Full-length mirrors also work best in and around the vanity rooms and can also be placed at home entrance. 

A new trend of mirrors: LED Mirror

The LED mirror is the latest and insanely popular new trend in the world of interior décor and design. These mirrors glow exceptionally and illuminate the living space in a classy and elegant way. 


  • LED Front-Lighted Mirror

LED Front-Lighted Mirror


LED front-lighted mirrors are most commonly used in contemporary bathroom spaces and vanity rooms. These mirrors are exceptionally unique and create a resounding impact on the overall interior space design. 


  • LED Backlit Mirror

LED Backlit Mirror


Some homeowners crave for more ingenious and creative room décor solutions and LED backlit mirrors are specifically designed to satisfy such unique needs of contemporary design lovers. These mirrors are getting more and more popular and do provide adequate lighting despite its unique design. 


  • Vanity Mirror

vanity mirror


Vanity mirrors are widely admired and loved by homeowners and design enthusiasts. Traditionally, antique mirrors were the most common choice of design enthusiasts for renovating and decorating vanity rooms. Nowadays, LED mirrors have also become a leading design choice of modern lovers of extravagant design. These LED mirrors serve as the perfect makeup wall mirror and illuminate the vanity station in a cost-efficient and exceptional way.   

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