Top Five Free Games To Play Online In 2020

Here are some awesome free games on the list that can be played in 2020 for free. We can bet these games can be better than the ones you paid for. 



It is one of the most inspired and impressive action games. You can play it on both consoles and PC. Warframe was introduced in 2013. The growth of players in this game has increased substantially in these past few years (more than 26 million people). This game is a combination of futuristic science fiction. It’s one of the martial arts-inspired combat. Warframe has got the best technical capabilities of both the XBOX and PlayStation 4. Warframe also offers the number of customization options that will allow you to choose your weapon wisely so that you can cater and gear in a new and different play style. In this game, you can even access your own personal spaceship. 

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world of tanks

World of Tanks is a massively multiplayer online game. It features combat vehicles from the mid 20th century. Join tankers from all over the world and throw your self into epic tank battles. Fight for the victory!

Featuring armored destroyers from America, England, Germany, China, France, and the soviet union, the world of tanks offers to gain tactical positions as they fire long-range shots to enemies and protect allies. At the starting of the game, you will be given the option to choose your tank. Once you are comfortable with the game’s combat, you can join the clan and take over the global map. 


world of warships

World of warships is a strategic game. It is open water combat with deep customization options. This game features four types of ships- cruisers, battleships, aircraft carriers, and destroyers. It has multiple game modes. This game is easily available on PC featuring naval combats and ships.


war thunder

This action combined flight simulator lets the players enter the cockpit of planes from five world powers. It was set during world war 2. This game is based around combined arms battles on air and sea with vehicles from the Spanish civil war to the Iraq war. Basically, it has an emphasis on world war 2. Players can control aircraft, ground vehicles, and warships from a variety of nations. 

War thunder is divided into three main game modes for ground, air, and naval forces. This includes arcade, realistic, and simulator. In the ground arcade, air forces are accessible for a short period of time. The players can use tanks, planes, and helicopters. For ground realistic, the players can use tanks, planes, and helicopters. In air battles, the battles are strictly air forces. For naval battles, the navy can be combined with air forces. 


let it die

It is one of the most hardcore games on this list. The game was released for the play station 4 in December 2016. The game is exciting and also builds up curiosity among the players.

 It is 2026, and the world has split into half. A tower has ascended from the depths of the ocean to the top. One thing that is challenging in this game is to find out what is on the top. Under the supervision of the grim reaper skateboarder, uncle’s death, players fight through the treacherous tower to find the weapons and armor. The nefarious creatures and enemies are emerging, and you have to fight for your survival. This game is addicting but challenging. Most probably, you might die in this game. When you die, your data is shared with other players. If you have PS4, you should definitely go with it. 

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