6 Practical Tips in Expanding Your Business in Chicago

If you’re planning to expand your business, you can find an office space in Chicago ready for lease. Chicago, by all means, is the most populous city in Illinois, with a population of around 2.7 million people. The municipality offers a favorable climate for business due to its reputation as one of the leading financial hubs. The city offers several features which are conducive to companies like its balanced economy, skilled workforce, and a diverse population. Several leading global companies are maintaining their headquarters in the city.

State of Chicago’s office space market

The Chicago office space market is one of the biggest markets in the U.S., with almost 240 million square feet (sq. ft.) of leasable offices. In the city’s central business district (CBD), there are about 130 million sq. ft. of spaces of various sizes and types. You can opt to rent a space or buy it.

If you have less than five staff, you may choose from the available executive office spaces in the city. But whatever your space requirements, you can easily find an office for your needs. Based on market trends, the supply of office spaces is outpacing demand, so you can find affordable offices to lease quickly.

How to scale your business into new markets

If your business is performing well, it is an excellent strategy to expand to new markets. There are various things to consider before advancing your expansion plans. Here are some things to do when expanding to new markets:


  • Research on your potential market – Before expanding in a new market, you must conduct a comprehensive study. Among the things you should know in your market analysis are the market trends, your main competitors, the competitiveness of your products or services, the market size, and your targeted market share.
  • Ask for feedback from your existing customers – Before entering new markets, you need to know why your customers love your products or services. Their feedback is necessary for understanding the strength of your business. It will allow you to develop new product lines and refine your expansion strategy.
  • Study the legalities and business conditions in your target area – You must know the laws and market conditions in your prospective new market. Learn about its licensing requirements, and tax laws. You may find it helpful if you hire the services of experts in these areas.
  • Ensure you have the money to finance your expansion Make sure you have the funds to back your new business. You may apply for a loan from banks or public financial institutions for additional funds.


    • Look for a space for your new office – Lease or buy an office space where you will strategize your marketing plan. To find the appropriate office for your needs, you may seek the advice of office space in Chicago experts to help you.


  • Develop a marketing strategy for your new market – An excellent marketing plan will help you attract new customers and undermine your competition. Plan your strategy based on cultural preferences and regional trends in your new market.


Expanding to new markets is an excellent way to grow your business and increase your profitability. With proper foresight and the right strategy, you can become competitive and gain significant market share in no time by getting an office space in Chicago.

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