10 Signs You’re Obsessed With Your House

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The enticement of a house obsession is becoming really strong day by day. Not the fact for those who are looking to sell their house or to purchase a new one. But this obsession regards those personalities who are intensely obsessed with buying new houses, interior decoration and more. It is now a common yet blissful dream of the people to own a huge and lavish house for personal satisfaction. Not only buying a new house but decorating the interior with the latest trends and styles also counts in the house obsession. People keep up their fashion norms by updating their houses with the latest trends on the internet. 

It is every person’s dream to join the league of max house status along with filling it with all kinds of decorative items. These items range from the vintage crockeries or tiles to the Empire Window Furnishing timber shutters. In fact, it is your choice to mold the house however you want. Meanwhile, where it turns out to be a global obsession, it also has many drawbacks factors that hurdle in ambitions. With that said, let’s discuss 10 signs you are obsessed with your house. 



Truly obsessed house owners are always found to be good house hunters on the internet. They will have the search history filled with surprising keywords for a different house. It’s not the fact that they are not satisfied with their own house. But in fact, they are stalkers or the readers for enjoyment and discussion. These internet folks join different forums and social media groups to converse about their knowledge and experience. 

These people are further categorized into two. The first ones are those who never stay back to discuss the market and value of the house in their area. However, the others just swipe and tap their phones to build the castles in the air. 


  • Wish List


Another sign that you are obsessed with your house is the wish list. This wish list contains all kinds of interior and home decor items to increase the decorative look of your house. Everyone loves to design and innovate their house. People are severely obsessed and motivated to introduce the latest fashion trends like new paint, wallpapers, carpets, and crockeries. 

Obsession with your house doesn’t only show the style and standard of living. But in reality, it has become a means of showcasing your independency. In short, housing has become a practical industry of attraction and trade. 


  • HGTV Addiction


Discovery Hgtv or youtube channels, which focuses on home decoration and real estate decisions. This show addiction also proves your obsession when you make unsatisfactory justification with your house. It seems impossible to renovate your house completely, but you still do it anyway. The actual reason is the appealing content on the TV that motivates to bring constant and innovative ideas to the home design. 


  • Decorative Ideas


If you have found yourself in the situation of always looking for unique and best decorative ideas than you are also a house freak. Your home feels like a hobby to you, which never comforts your feeling for keeping up with fashion. Plus, these decorative ideas will be the primary source of the overwhelming and confident feeling. Meanwhile, controlling and managing change is not quite easy and puts the owners on significant pressure. Moreover, multiple media sources like the internet and television promote decorative ideas, which become the primary reason for the obsession with houses. These people not only follow their ideas but also praise and appreciate others for their cosmetic changes in the house. 


  • Privacy


Privacy is also another factor that adds to the people with their house obsession. Many people’s privacy coaxes them to have their own house or at least a separate place. A person’s privacy is a serious matter that is only resolved with separation. Moreover, many home obsessed people always find different practices to increase their private spaces. Not only the introverts, but many people find privacy concerns to keep out the snooping eyes. For that, it is suggested to either purchase a separate house or extend the existing with extra living space. 


  • Knowledge of Mortgage


Property or house obsessive peoples are really aware of the facts and knowledge of mortgage. These guys are obsessed with different apps like Zillow and Redfin to check the mortgage rates. They continuously monitor and check the market rates of the houses around the area. Some people even drop emails to the mortgage brokers to acknowledge the refinancing terms of different houses. In short, these people are stuck with their house obsession, along with the interests and finance of different houses online. 


  • Market Comparison


With the advent of technology, the real-estate has pushed its abilities to reach and cause the epidemic to spread over obsessive house owners. Obsessive house owners are more reflective and inclined towards constantly researching for the real-estate around the areas. The thing that surprises most is that they are so preoccupied that they even check out their own house market value. Not only that, things start to get real when some people throw some high-cost house addresses to find out their market prices. 

Some people also do research for the purpose of getting an actual rent rate. However, these rental rates are significantly increased for the past few years. On the other side, they also avoid apartments because of the matching rates of rents with mortgages. 


  • Stalker


Typically home obsession leads to the stalking attributes in people, which becomes pretty weird. If you compare your house with others, then you really are a house obsessive. Whether it is the kitchen, washroom, or drawing-room, people admire other’s decorative and arrangement designs. Moreover, they also cope with these designs to fulfill their obsessive desires. 


  • Comparing Houses With Apartments


House addiction also encourages a comparison of different accommodations. For that, there are two materialistic accommodations, house and renting apartments. Meanwhile, some people never stand down to compare their house’s benefits with famous apartments in their town. 


  • Endless Memories


Everyone has some memories of their houses, which increases their obsession with their house. You can move on from different life lessons, but one cannot replace the memories stitched with each corner of the house. Meanwhile, staying put with your house is the only choice to keep these memories alive forever. 

Final Words

It is easier for everyone to identify how much love and memories they have deposited in their house. This also allows one to acknowledge the potential benefits and accommodation qualities of the house. In the end, always be grateful for the cleanliness, accommodation, and décor qualities of your house. 

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