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The winner of our scholarship program will receive $1000, paid directly to the university or college to help with educational expenses. The scholarship will run annually with a deadline of 31st Dec each year.

Then now, here on our site, we are starting a scholarship program in which anyone can participate. All the details of this contest are discussed below.

ReviewsTook Scholarship Contest 2017 –

Well, as we all know that, the world is going to become completely digital. And almost everything is depending on the internet.

So, just with the power of the online world, and the internet, we are running this scholarship contest for College, undergraduate or postgraduate students who have the interest in “Internet Marketing, ” and with their small contribution, they can win our scholarship.

Anyone who wants to spread his/her knowledge with this world can participate in this contest.

Participation Terms, You Need To Follow –

To participant in this scholarship contest, you don’t need any special degree or qualification. Just you have to answer the question in your own words, and if your answer will be unique and different from other participants. Then it can make you the winner of this contest. And you will get a prize of $1000.

Check out the question and major requirements for this contest by scrolling the page, and also read out the period of this contest carefully.

Question –

Technology is raising its hands day by day, and it is affecting our lives continuously, then what do you expect from the technology in our future.

Requirements For This Contest–

  • You must have to write your answer between 500-1000 words.
  • Any Student Can apply for this contest, Who knows about Internet world.

Deadline Or Time Period –

  • Deadline – Every student must send their answer before 31st December 2017.
  • Review Time – Your answers will be reviewed by our experts from 1st January 2017.
  • Winner Announcement – After reviewing all the answers submitted by the students, the Winner will be announced on 25th January 2018. And the winner will get a New Year Gift.

How To Apply –

  1. Just Simply Mail your answer in a word doc file to [email protected]
  2. Mention your name, Official E-mail ID, University and your College Information.
  3. Do not forget to Mention Your Course, that you are studying.
  4. And, also, Mention your country, city, or Address where you are living.
  5. Also, send your latest photo with your answer.

Prize –

The winner of this contest will get the boom prize of $1000. Just you have to answer the question in your own and unique words.

Payment of $1000 will be made directly to the College or University’s financial aid office who will then transfer the money to the winning student.

The student who shares a best-researched article on this subject with us will receive $1000 for their course materials or other resources which can be useful for their career.  For more For more information contact us at [email protected]