Types of Salt Lamps That Maximize the Aesthetics of Your Space

Last updated on February 25th, 2020 at 07:14 pm

Learn about the different types of salt lamps, and how they can enhance the aesthetics of your home. 

Your home is the one place where you ultimately spend most of your time, and if this is not the case, then it is the one place where you spend most of your time resting. For this sole reason, your home needs to be ambient to enable you to relax. A decent decoration of your space is the solution. The aesthetics of your home need to induce feelings of happiness, peace, and calm. 

Lighting is among the most critical aspects of this aesthetic. That is where salt lamps come in. Himalayan salt lamps have lately proven to be a great addition to homes, and they make for great gifts too. They come in different styles and sizes including, USB salt lamps and decorative salt lamps. Below are some types of salt lamps that you can use to maximize your home’s aesthetics.

salt lamp types

  1. Natural salt lamps

This is undoubtedly the most popular type of salt lamp. The bulb is placed right inside the carved out Himalayan, salt making the natural salt lamp. They are lit using quality dimmer switches and these switches control the intensity of the light as well as switching it on or off. To explain further, tapping the switches will either turn the lamp on or off. On the other hand, long pressing on the switch will either dim or brighten the same lamp.

These lamps are generally big as compared to some, such as the salt candle holder. They cleanse your home of pollutants, which makes them suitable for people who experience problems with their sinuses, or those with asthma. They can serve you for an extended period as long as you do not expose them to excess humidity, as the salt lamp may melt.

  1. Salt candle holder

If you desire to test out Himalayan salt lamps without breaking the bank, then getting the tea light is a great idea. It is just a salt rock candle holder into which a tea light is put. When the tea light warms it, ionization happens, and you reap the same benefits as you would have gotten from a natural salt lamp. 

Because the cavity meant for the tea light is deep enough, the danger of the candle dislodging by accident is out of the question. They are very sturdy, and though smaller than natural salt lamps, they are just the right size. The teas light bring a great ambiance in your home, along with a romantic atmosphere and if you want to to buy go for the further information (click here).

himalayan salt heart shape candle holder

  1. Salt metal baskets 

This is for those of you who crave elegance. When people look at the Himalayan salt chunks that are in a basket, the first thing that will pop in their heads is sophistication. In this particular type, relatively smaller pieces of the salt are attractively in a metal basket to form a beautiful lamp. The metal baskets are usually ornately crafted, which adds to the beauty of the lamp. 

The effect that you get from this lamp is similar to what you would get from a natural salt lamp. It also uses a dimmer switch and a bulb. It is an excellent addition to your aesthetic because it stands out. Moreover, it is cheaper than the regular salt lamp.

himalayan salt

  1. USB salt lamp

Maybe you have never heard of it, but USB Himalayan salt lamps are the most convenient salt lamps that you will come across. As the name suggests, the lamp is lit by plugging the USB into a power source. On those days when you are so exhausted, and you want to bum on the couch, this lamp will come in handy.

 It is not hectic to get it to work. They are relatively smaller than most of their counterparts, and they come in handy, especially if you want to set them up on smaller spaces. 

natural usb salt lamp

  1. Decorative salt lamps

Himalayan salt lamps in their raw glory may not be something that fits into your ideal version of aesthetics. In this case, the decorative salt lamps will do it! They include salt spheres as well as artisan crystal bowls. The salt sphere lamp looks very much like a glowing planet and would make the perfect lamp for a sci-fi diehard. 

You can get this kind of salt lamp for your children’s rooms. Dimmer lights serve the spheres; thus, you can adjust the light intensity as you desire. On the other hand, the artisan bowls are great for people with an eye for art. If you are into art, you can get salt crystal bowls with the kind of art that you would like carved on it.

salt lamp

  1. Salt lamp night light

These are the most suitable type of salt lamps for the night. They come in a variety of colors and shapes. The variation in colors makes it possible for you to pick the color that sets you in the right mood for the night. Your sleep and rest will be enhanced because of the unique luminescence that is emanating from the salt lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are the missing aspect that will complete your home’s aesthetic. With so many different options to choose from, you can easily pick the lamp that best suits your preference. You can research even more on it to find out which of these types will blend in well with the ideal aesthetics.

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