Polk Audio PSW10 The Best Computer Speakers “Complete Review”

Last updated on March 16th, 2018 at 11:03 am

Polk Audio PSW10 Computer SpeakerPolk Audio PSW10 comes with nice subwoofers that are not only small but also big.

In short, they belong to varying sizes delivering a balanced performance to the users.

It has been noticed that systems of past disappointed when the intensity of the sound and the bass was raised.

The arrival of the Polk Audio PSW10 is a boon for the people as it can handle bass of the highest order with equal ease.

In fact, the speaker can outlast numerous home theater systems with ease.

The Best Features Of Polk Audio PSW10

The Polk Audio PSW10 comprises of the 10-inch composite woofer with the 50w amplifier. Low-frequency sound signals are amplified in an impeccable manner.

Some users might object to the poor power ratings however it is important to listen to the sound performance before rejecting the items.

Bass And Sound Quality Of Polk Audio PSW10

Polk Audio PSW10

As far as the bass power is concerned, the parameters are right up to the best. In order to get better connectivity, you can access stereo speaker level inputs providing crystal clear sound to the users.

Well folks, let me tell you one more thing, that just because of the quality features and sound quality of the Polk Audio PSW10.

We had placed this sound beast on our list of Best Computer Speakers Under 100 Dollars. Youcan check out that amazing list too. And there you will get some of the best suggestions for you.

You can also deploy the RCA line level inputs for seamless connectivity to the different device such as numerous gadgets.

The only drawback of Polk Audio PSW10 is the absence of direct input that circumvents the crossover control operating between 80 to 160 Hz Frequency range.

Direct connectivity goes a long way in blending the sound of the satellite speakers and the subwoofers.

Compared to other devices, Polk has powerful satellite speakers delivering wonderful performance to the users.

One of the most interesting components is the compact size of the subwoofers as they are only 14.5 inches high and 15 inches wide.

Due to the usage of medium density microfiber, the woofers are small and but packs a nice punch in terms of performance.

The weight increases to 26 pounds, however, the design is contemporary and attracts the attention of the people.

Looks And Design Of Polk Audio PSW10

Polk Audio PSW10 Speaker

Polk is known for making quality products and it is evident in the Polk Audio PSW10 model. It is available in cherry-colored vinyl while the frontage of the speaker is draped in titanium finish.

The impeccable appearance of the item matches that of the monitor series speaker and delivers consistency across various spectrums.

While using the Polk Audio PSW10, do not deploy it as a standalone system because it can impact the performance.

The low-frequency manipulation should be carried out by the addition of subwoofers to the eclectic mix.

As the work is distributed, it helps to boost the efficiency of Polk audio by many notches.

Thanks to the brilliance of engineers working with the company, one can enjoy not only the thrills of music but also the deep bass of soundtracks.

What Makes It Differ From The Other Sound Beasts

Due to the subwoofers, the noise coming along with low-frequency signals is filtered in an easy and hassle-free manner.

Intelligent amplifiers are included to remove the distortions and ensure that the professional grade connections are of the highest quality.

Other products belonging to the same category are not able to deliver crystal clear signals.

One of the most important advantages for the users is that the audio speaker is attuned to multiple options for hooking up the multiple sources.

With the addition of the subwoofers, you can enjoy the movie watching experience in style. The speakers work in tandem with each other to create surround sound experience.

Polk Audio PSW10 enclosures play an important role in eliminating the interferences of the signals. The internally braced and damped standing waves are removed along with other resonances that tend to garble the sound.

The Unique Features Of Polk Audio PSW10

Polk Audio PSW10 Review

Unique configuration incorporates tuned and directed port to product bass in an impeccable manner.

You will not find a trace of disturbance and the signals are well balanced.

The Polk Audio PSW10 is equipped with clean enclosures and right driver materials to product smooth signals to the users.

Patented dynamic balance process of the company plays a crucial role in enhancing the performance of the woofers by many notches.

Due to superior system blending, one can remove the resonance that becomes a source of irritation over a period of time.

Moreover, the state of the art Kippel distortion system analyzer is essential to optimize the motor structure of the woofer to a great extent.

Voice coil alignment combines with suspension over a broad range of spectrum to deliver amazing sound performance even with the low-frequency sound.

Smart sensing circuitry is another attribute of the product responsible for limited distortion at the higher levels of volume.

Phase switch along with subwoofer volume controls provide customized options without any problem.

Unique design is instrumental in keeping the subwoofer stable and also controls the volume output through the speaker in an outline.


Warranty is the name of the game as the company provides a time period of 3 years for the replacement. You can test the Polk Audio PSW10 thoroughly to ensure that they are created according to the requirements and specifications.

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