5 Ways How You and Your Family Can Participate in Cleaning City Parks

Last updated on December 11th, 2019 at 10:05 am


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Are you considering getting involved in a project where your family can help and bond? If so, you might want to consider volunteering in keeping your city park clean. Not only will you get to bond with your children, you also get to teach them how to take care of the environment. More importantly, you and your family are contributing to the betterment of your community park!

If you are interested, then this article is definitely for you. However, you must take note that several projects involving the city park needs permission from local authorities. So before embarking on a project, you must check with local agencies so they can help you. Moving on, here are 5 awesome ways you can keep your city park healthy and attractive.

1. Plant Some Trees

Planting some trees is a great way of beautifying your public park. Aside from providing shade, trees add significant value to parks. Not only that, you are helping the environment as trees help improve air quality in the area.

Before planting, you must have great knowledge of what trees are perfect for your location. The great thing about this is that there are plenty of information available on the internet. You can also ask local gardeners for some ideas. Choose trees that thrive well in your city’s climate. After choosing, make sure to plant them in areas where they add more appeal. Great examples are near playgrounds, ponds, lakes, and benches.

2. Give the Playground a Fresh Coat


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Giving the playground fresh coating will surely enhance the look of the park. You can let your children use their creativity and imagination by letting them pick the colors. Before repainting the playground, you must take some of the old paint to your health department. This is to check if the old paint contains lead. If it is positive, then it’s a must that you scrape off the old painting first before applying the new one.

3. Clean Up the Trash

City parks generally drive high traffic and will likely cause trash to build up. Although parks have strict rules, there are still other people who choose not to obey them. Picking up trash will help clean the park and remove some burden on the staff. It might seem minor, but cleaning up trash will make a significant difference to the park. It will make the park clean, beautiful, and safe for the community.

When you decide to go for this project, don’t forget to protect you and your family. Always wear gloves and proper clothing.

4. Repair Minor Damages

You can also help in maintaining your park by volunteering to make some minor repairs. This could include playground equipment, such as swings and slides, and lightbulbs. Many of these can be easily repaired. Seats of swings is also readily available at your hardware store. 

Engaging in this type of project helps keep the park safe, especially for children. Before you decide to fix something, make sure that these fixes can be done easily. There are damages that require professionals so keep in mind what needs to be done.

5. Attend to the Trees and Plants

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It’s most likely that your city park already has a beautiful landscaping. However, this would mean that the trees, plants, and flowers need proper maintaining. Shaping and trimming the shrubs will surely add appeal to the community park. By simply cutting the grass and overgrown bushes, your park will look as if it has a complete makeover.

If your park doesn’t have good landscaping, then you might want to get some dirt on your hands! This project is truly exciting but it will need permission from local authorities. So get in touch with them on how you can make this helpful project successful.

If you already have the go signal with this project, you need to have a comprehensive plan. An important thing you must consider is the equipment and tools you’ll need. If the bushes are thick and hard to cut, you’re going to need an electric chainsaw. You’ll also need a lawnmower to trim the grass evenly. 

A wood chipper machine is also a great tool when cutting trees and leaves. This machine chips wood and leaves so they can be easily disposed. These chips can also be used in other ways, such as mulch to keep plants healthy. A wood chipper is definitely helpful but safety precautions must always be observed. Moreover, it must be made from a well-known wood chipper supplier to ensure its performance.

There are still other helpful gardening tools you’re going to need, depending on your project. Other great examples include a long rake, leaf blower, stump grinder, electric pole saw, oscillating tool, cultivator, and more.


So, there you have it! These are the five awesome ways you can help in beautifying your city park. Having a well-maintained city park means it is enjoyable and safe for the entire community. When a city park is attractive and safe, it will provide many opportunities. Some examples are holding prestigious events, charities, local anniversaries, contests, and more.

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