Optimize Your Instagram Account For Gaining More Fashion Site Traffic

According to the industry experts, most fashion brands and business owners gain a lot from their social followers when they use the social media platforms. In fact, fashion brands are even better off when they use their Instagram account for their social marketing purpose.

However, it is not easy to make the best out of this photo and video sharing platform. You will need to use the innumerable features that it comes with and also automate your posts so that you can optimize your efforts. 

In fact, according to experts, the primary aspects of social media marketing involves activities like:

  • Listening
  • Analyzing
  • Publishing and 
  • Engage across all available social media networks. 

In addition to that, you must also make sure that you align your marketing efforts, customer service processes and sales strategies on social all on the same page so that you can strengthen your customer relationships.

Experts like Gramista suggest that for the fashion brands it is even more essential to focus on these aspects because selling fashion products and promoting fashion brands is all about how beautifully the products are presented. 

Instagram, for that matter, is the best social platform to speak a thousand words through images that will help them to build real and more meaningful relationships with their followers to turn them towards their site to increase the number of organic traffic.

Optimizing Instagram account

In order to optimize your Instagram account and raise more traffic to your fashion site, you will first have to link your website with it. In addition to that, there are also a couple of ways in which you can gain more traffic to your site.

You can add a call to action that is enticing enough to make the users visit your site to know more about your product. On the other hand, if you want to influence their buying decision then you can even add a CTA such as “Shop Now.” However, while including such CTAs, make sure that you choose a specific objective for your ad such as:

  • An increased reach
  • Building more brand awareness or 
  • Gaining more traffic.

It is proved that it is only effective and compelling CTAs that eventually results in an increased conversion.

You can also use Instagram Shoppable tags that can be most valuable to gain traffic provided you know how exactly you should use it so that it provides the desired results. The advantages of these tags are:

  • It provides simple and effective experience
  • It allows consolidating other shopping features and 
  • It is a quick way to gain a competitive advantage.

The one-click shopping option combined with well-executed and creative visuals will please your followers and turn them into your customers.

Using web analytics and insights

For any business, fashion or not, analysis of their online marketing efforts is essential. For this you will need to use different analytics tools on a regular basis. 

Modern web analytics will help you a great deal to know about the data science which is important in modern social media marketing methods. These predictive tools will help you in:

  • Complex market segmentation
  • Real-time reporting and 
  • Provide huge insights that will enable you to make informed and educated decisions.

This will help you, your customers as well as the bottom line of your business.

However, to gain more fashion traffic and make the best of this social platform you will need to focus beyond vanity metrics, which, no doubt, is the most important aspect for a fashion brand to create and consider. This means that you will need to consider using web analytics as well as Insights.

This will enable you to know other important metrics that will provide you with useful insights such as:

  • Reporting visits
  • Measuring the web page views
  • Determining customer pathing
  • Knowing the effectiveness of the content
  • Identifying the traffic sources and 
  • Measure video engagement. 

When you put all these facts and web data together with all of the other channel data and understand about your users a lot better.

Building your business 

Using Instagram in the best way you can grow your fashion business in the best and most desired way. For this you will need to:

  • Drive more awareness
  • Increase the number of customers
  • Share your brand story among a more engaged audience and most importantly
  • Provide a seamless user experience.

You will be able to achieve all these when you use Instagram ads that appear at the middle of the visual inspiration in a bolder and linear format. The Instagram Stories ads will:

  • Complement the feed content
  • Connect with different accounts that sue this daily and
  • Tell a clean and simple story through a stunningand creative canvas. 

Apart from this you can also create and use different types of ads on Instagram to grow your fashion business and traffic count to your site. These are:

  • Video ads: This is the best and most effective way to ensure that you get a more immersive visual effect enabling you to add addition power to your photo adswith sound, motions and sight. Instead of a 15-second you can now create a 60-second long video in either landscape or a square format.
  • Carousel ads: This will add an extra layer of depth to your Instagram marketing campaign enabling users to swipe to view other videos and photos in a single ad.

You can also use collection ads which will inspire the audience visually and help them to browse, discover, and purchase your fashion products. 

Summing it up

In short, you will gain a lot of traffic to your fashion site you must:

  • Target and use fashion and lifestyle keywords
  • Know and follow the interests of your competitor brands
  • Use the best ad formatthat attracts more fashion crowd on Instagram
  • Test product shots
  • Follow a storytelling approach and 
  • Optimizepost placement across Instagram.

Lastly, run your campaigns across both Facebook and Instagram seamlessly. This will help you to reach to more people and drive more traffic and conversion at a much lower cost as well as stay well ahead of your competitors. 

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