Merino Wool Hunting Clothes: How to Choose the Best?

We can all agree that Merino wool makes for some of the best quality hunting clothes available on the market. If you want to be safe, warm, and dry in the bush, you want to be wearing Merino. With this in mind, we put together a short buyer’s guide on what to look for, to make sure you choose the best kit for you. 

We’ll give you a clue… It all starts with pockets!

What to Look For When Choosing Merino Hunting Clothes? 

What are the things you should look for while shopping, to ensure you choose the best Merino Wool hunting clothes? We separated out the categories you ought to keep in mind before you buy.


Not just pockets, either, but attachments. When you are out there, you need to know where everything is. You need loops and straps and places to keep compasses and knives and water. You need to think compact. How much of your gear can you carry in your clothing? Every little bit takes some of the weight off your back. Real hunting gear has space for it all. It should take all the other aspects of your kit into consideration in its design.


Merino is warm, we know this. We also know that it is waterproof. What we don’t know is if you are hunting in the summer or in the winter. Anyone who has ever worn summer kit in winter conditions can tell you that you need to be prepared for both. Dress for warmth and remove layers if you have to.


You have to try and match the conditions of the landscape you are hunting in, with the camo that you choose on your hunting clothes. This might mean your winter set is a different colour entirely from your summer set, in order to encapsulate the snow. It might mean that you have more colourful hunting gear in autumn.


Any experienced hunter will tell you to wear three layers. The base layer is the lightest, the mid layer will pad you out and the outer layer will keep you dry. This way, you can add and remove clothing as you go. It also allows you to keep most of your hunting clothes on you as you move, instead of having it all on your back.

Finally – Think Safe

Before you click the commit to buy button, check the safety of the gear. If you are out in hunting season you need to be visible to other hunters. Get some blaze orange on your shoulders so they know you are not a deer. Nobody wants to get shot in the middle of the bush… or anywhere else, for that matter.

Caring for your New Hunting Gear

When you do finally decide which Merino wool hunting gear is best for you, you will need to know how to take care of it. Check out this Merino Wool Care Guide to find out how you wash it. Merino is like a fine car. If you take care of it in the machine, it will take care of you in the wilds. Don’t mess up your investment.

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