Medical cannabis clinics and doctors in Australia

If you are looking for medical cannabis in Australia, know that any Australian medical doctor can prescribe cannabis only if he has the approval of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) or the relevant State or Territory’s Health Department.  

There are patients who are eligible to use medical cannabis if they have some serious chronic medical condition where the conventional treatment options aren’t working. Moreover, there should be evidence supporting the use of cannabis for a particular disease. What you must know is that most of the cannabis medicines you see are unapproved products that aren’t approved by the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). In other words, you can’t just head to a pharmacy in Australia and ask them to prescribe you some cannabis product. You need a proper prescription from a renowned medical cannabis clinic in Australia and for that, you first need to have a chronic condition that justifies the use of cannabis. 

Finding A Medical Cannabis Company 

Yes, there are multiple cannabis clinics in Australia, treating different patients. But the Australian government defines medical cannabis companies as businesses that have the license to import, export, cultivate or manufacture medical marijuana inside Australia. Some of the most famous businesses are; 

  • Hemp Foods 
  • Cannabis Clinic 
  • Medical Marijuana 
  • Cannabis Technology 
  • Cultivating Hemp 
  • Hemp Clothing and Cosmetics 

You can find several cannabis companies in Australia but what you must know is that only the clinics, product manufacturers, and cultivators have the license and authorization to treat patients with marijuana. 

Types Of Prescribers 

According to,, in Australia, there are two types of cannabis prescribers; 

NPS or GPs that apply through the Special Access Scheme (SAS) to prescribe cannabis products to different patients with chronic medical conditions. 

NPS or GPs that are Authorised Prescribers (APS) who can prescribe patients cannabis for specific health conditions without the need of any application.

Why Use A Cannabis Clinic? 

People often get overwhelmed about medical cannabis products and their prescriptions because there are various ways to get them in Australia. There’s so much information and confusion about the prescriptions that people don’t actually know what to do at the end of the day. Now medical cannabis isn’t used as a first-line intervention to treat health conditions in Australia but its use is quickly proving to benefit several patients with multiple health conditions. 

To cut down the hassle of getting a prescription, the wiser thing to do is to go to a cannabis clinic because of the willingness they offer to apply to TGA for your medicine. Moreover, doctors working in cannabis clinics are quite professional and they are well versed about marijuana and the use of cannabis to treat patients. In other words, these doctors in these clinics can help desperate patients get the medicines they need without any hassle. 

Some of the best Cannabis Clinics in Australia are; 

  • Health104
  • ECS Clinic 
  • CDA Clinics 
  • Pollen 
  • CBD Clinics Australia 
  • Tetra Health 
  • Gastro IQ
  • CA Clinics 
  • PlantMed 
  • Releaf Clinics 
  • Medical Cannabis Services 
  • MediCanna Health 

If you are in need and need immediate help then it’s best to head to any one of these medical cannabis clinics in Australia. All of them have the authority to prescribe you medical cannabis products to treat your condition and help you in times of need. 

Overall Verdict

If you or any one of your loved ones is suffering from chronic disease and if you know cannabis can treat you one way or the other then don’t buy cannabis yourself or use any unapproved medicines. Just head to a professional clinic or go to a doctor for better suggestions. 

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