Mackie CR Series CR3 The Best Computer Speaker Complete Review

Last updated on March 16th, 2018 at 11:20 am

Mackie CR Series CR3

Mackie CR Series CR3 is a well-known fact that demand for multimedia speakers has increased by leaps and bounds in recent times.

In order to meet the requirements of the users, one of the best computer speakers under 100 is launched into the market.

It is called Mackie CR Series CR3 and has been making waves since its inception.

Termed as creative reference multimedia series, the speaker is one of its kinds in terms of customer service.

The design is the key:

Mackie CR Series CR3

The design of Mackie CR Series CR3 is a crossover between the traditional and the contemporary style. Modern versions are quite similar to the budget near-field studio monitors.

It is due to the plethora of activities that are performed on the computer. In few instance, complex monitor systems are provided to the users but they are not required.

Prior to buying the product, one should understand that the speaker is not made for commercial purposes. In fact, it cannot be used in the studio, therefore deploy Mackie CR Series CR3   for plug and play in purposes.

The above-mentioned speaker is tailor-made for bloggers; podcasters and also youtube uploaders to promote their ideas and products on the internet.

Mackie CR Series CR3 can also function as basic speakers for the users who are interested in listening to the music.

Just because of the quality features and latest technology we have added this sound beast in our list of Best Computer Speakers Under 100. Must check out this complete list to read about the more sound beast in detail.

Simplistic impulses of Mackie CR Series CR3:

Mackie CR Series CR3 Review

Considered as the first among the list of best pc speaker under 100, it is noticed due to simplistic design.

Unlike the other speakers, the product is devoid of equalizer capabilities up front.

You would also not find frequency shaping switches on the speakers however the item has an easy user interface.

While in operation, only one of the speakers in the pair is active. Users get wider connection options with the arrival of C3 series.

On placing the order you will get bundled accessories that include acoustic isolation to reduce the noisy bass and deliver crystal clear sound to the users.

They are instrumental in offering up and down tilt for targeted listening. In addition, the item also comes with 1/8 inch RCA cable to connect computer output to speakers.

Conventional wires or cables of similar dimensions are used to connect the speaker to media connection.

CR3 is equipped with cables that are of a generous length and can be used for varieties of purposes.
Active enclosures of the speaker incorporate amplifiers for the right and left sides while there is a volume control located right on the speaker baffle.

If the users want to place the master speaker on the left or right, it can be accomplished by choosing the position select switch. The tool identifies the location of the sound sources.

Front controls:

Mackie CR Series CR3 Computer Speaker

Volume is situated right at the front and transforms into an off and on the switch.

One of the most important advantages of the best speakers under 100 is that it also contains Aux input and socket headphones at the front.

They can be manipulated in an easy and hassle-free manner to control the sound and also connect the speakers to numerous peripheral devices.

CR3 is studded with a power of 50 watts and is assisted by a 3-inch polypropylene coated woofer. In addition, one can also find 0.75 inches Ferrofluid along with cool silk dome tweeter to deliver impeccable sound performance.

Testing days:

Mackie CR Series CR3 Computer Speaker Review

One of the most important aspects of the review is the testing of the speakers. Upon connecting the accessories, one can find that the sound is fairly transparent and doesn’t include noise into the eclectic mix.

Moreover, the treble is not only distinct but also pronounced. Users can instantly notice the bass roll-off points that go a long way in delivering impeccable output.

They are not exactly known for chesty thumping but can easily express bass lines with notes and amazing timing of grooves.

As far imaging is concerned, it is noticeable for crisp focusing and solidity. With high volume, materials forming the speakers tend to vibrate and create noise.

Therefore it is important to operate the sound at the middle level to get clear signals.

One of the drawbacks of CR3 that it is prone to port chuffing however additional 10Hz is clearly audible on the speakers. As a result, the output is balanced and quite soothing to the ears.

Cabinets housing the speakers are made of wood instead of plastic material. In addition, custom turned rear-firing bass ports capture the attention of the users.

Once the response is extended, the speakers tend to appear bigger over due course of time.

Power amps for the speaker are located in the cabinets. One of the components is completely passive and is connected to the powered speaker with the help of unshielded power cable.

Since the speakers are small, they can be easily fitted into cramped space without any hassles.

The rear panel of the powered speaker contains the switch that helps in the positioning of the speaker.

Final Words About This Review

Mackie CR Series CR3 is one of the best speaker systems at this price. Because it has amazing features and latest technology.

If you are planning to buy this sound beast for you. Then trust you will be amazed by the quality of this sound giant.

Wel, folks, now at the end of this review of Mackie CR Series CR3 I would like to thanks to you. And I hope you found this article helpful to you.

And you got the answers to your queries and questions. But still, if you have any doubt or query about the Mackie CR Series CR3.

Then leave your question in the comment box below, and we will answer your question as soon as we can.

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