How to Unwind and Leave Your Troubles Behind in New Zealand

If you want to be able to go on a holiday and leave your troubles, then consider going to New Zealand for that trip.

There are a lot of ways you can unwind during your trip to the Land of the Long White Cloud. Not to mention that doing so can help you enjoy the island country better.

On that note, below are some ways on how you can unwind during your trip to New Zealand with your best suitcase:

1. Choose the Right Date


First of all, you should make sure that you choose the right date for your trip to New Zealand.

The best time of the year to travel in New Zealand is during their spring season. This is because you’ll still be able to see snow on the mountaintops but you also get to enjoy the flowers and nature come alive after the winter.

2. Leave a Footprint in New Zealand’s Best Beaches

NewZealand Beach

New Zealand boasts over 600 monitored beaches, rivers, lakes, and swimming holes. Here are some places that you can visit:

Maitai Bay, Northland

In Northland, Maitai Bay is a great way to spend your summer in New Zealand. Many locals flock to this area for its clear waters and sandy shoreline. Aside from the usual swimming and splashing around in this area, there is also a campsite nearby where you can stay for a while.

Ninety Mile Beach, Northland

If you’re an active beach bum that wants a more high-energy beachside activity, then the place to go would definitely be the Ninety Mile Beach, still located in Northland. Although not exactly ninety miles long, there are a lot of water-based activities you can do, like surfcasting or bodyboarding.

Awaroa, Tasman

The great thing about Awaroa Beach is that it symbolizes the “positive people power” and unity of thousands of Kiwis. This is because the Awaroa Beach was bought by the people themselves through a massive national crowdfunding campaign. As a result, it is now part of the Abel Tasman National Park.

New Chums Beach, Waikato

If you want to disconnect from the world or are looking for a not-so-crowded beach to relax in, then the New Chums Beach in Waikato is a great place for you.

This beach is 30 minutes away from the nearest settlement for holiday travelers, which adds to the feeling of peace and quiet that you will appreciate.

3. Try the Most Popular Activities

Closeup Photo of Yellow Kayak on Gray Metal Rack

New Zealand is jam-packed with a lot of activities you can do. Here are some of them:

Boogie Board Down Sand Dunes, Ninety Mile Beach

As mentioned before, the Ninety Mile Beach provides plenty of activities that is a definite appeal to the more active and adventurous people staying in New Zealand.

One of the activities you can do is to boogie board down the sand dunes in the area, which is super fun and will definitely help you get loose and relax.

Climb a Volcanic island

Another unique activity that you can do in New Zealand is to go climb a volcanic island. There is a Rangitoto Summit track that is relatively easy to traverse and there lies a dormant volcano, which is also the youngest volcano in the country.

You can get to Rangitoto Island by riding a ferry.

Kayak Around Cathedral Cove

When you’re in New Zealand, you should definitely go and see Cathedral Cove. It is a marine reserve located on the North Island. It is quite isolated, which gives its serene feeling. In the Cathedral Cove, there are boat tours available and you can even go kayaking.

Witness the Southern Lights

You’ve heard of the northern lights, but have you seen the southern lights?

This unique experience will leave you amazed at the wonders of nature. If you’re in New Zealand in the winter, then the best location to go to to see the southern lights are the Catlins and Stewart Island.

Immerse Yourself in Māori Culture

Getting in touch with a new culture is one of the biggest appeals of traveling, so you should consider doing the same in New Zealand.

Getting to know the Māori culture, seeing their haka, eating local food, and more is something that makes for a unique and new experience you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

4. Visit Backpacker-Friendly Bars

Are you a backpacker in New Zealand? Here are some backpacker-friendly watering holes that you need to know and visit:

Cassette Nine

If you like drinking out in the evenings, then consider going to Auckland’s Cassette Nine which is very popular for backpackers. Plus, it is also quite affordable.

Cassette Nine is known for serving shots in teapots so do check that out when you’re there.

Doolan Brothers

Another cool spot for a nightcap in New Zealand is a pretty popular pub called the Doolan Brothers. This is also an affordable place to get a drink or two, and the music plays all through the night so you can drink all night long if you want.

Little Easy

Located in Ponsonby road, this bar has a great menu filled with goods you should definitely try.

If you’re into beats and want to have a groovy time, then consider going for an inexpensive drink and meal in the Little Easy.

Lava Bar

If you want to have a great Friday night partying away, then definitely go to the Lava Bar. There are different events that they hold, so keep an eye out and you might be able to catch one of these events while you’re in the country.

Loco Cantina

If you happen to be staying in the Nomads and Base hostels for travelers, then a place you should get a drink at is definitely Loco Cantina. Located in Queenstown, they give discounts to people staying in the hostels. Not to mention that there are plenty of Mexican-style food that you can try.

Hopefully, this article will help you solidify your plans during your stay in New Zealand. There are plenty of sights to see and experiences to behold in New Zealand, so definitely go and stay here if you have the time.

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