How To Prolong The Life of Your Hairdressing Scissors

Let’s face it? Your hairdressing scissors are the most important tools you have in your salon. These scissors have a huge impact on your work, your experience, and most importantly, they can help you get more customers. Now when you invest in quality hairdressing scissors, it’s very obvious that you’d want to prolong their life and make sure that they work for you as long as it’s possible. 

Luckily, you can prolong the life of your scissors just with a few simple steps. And that’s what we are going to talk about today. Take notes because these simple tips can help you save some money as you won’t have to buy new scissors. Most importantly, these tips can help you give better and smoother haircuts to your clients without any hassle. 

1- Cleaning 

Wiping your scissors after giving a haircut to your customer is of utmost importance. If the hair is stuck inside the scissors for a long time and if you don’t clean all that extra moisture etc, the blades will start corroding. Moreover, with hair stuck inside, the blades will be pushed away from each other and you won’t be able to give a smooth haircut. This is why you must always have a clean soft cloth with you to clean your scissors every time you cut someone’s hair. 

2- Lubrication 

Lubrication is another simple tip that can help you keep your salon scissors all new and fresh at all times. What you have to do here is that after giving a haircut to your customer, just clean the scissors and dry them. Once done, open the scissors to a 90 degree and then add a small drop of scissor oil right in between where the scissor pivots. This tip will help you push away all the dirt, debris, and hair stuck from under the pivot. If you want your scissors to stay in their best possible shape, it’s recommended that you lubricate them every day after cleaning them. 

3- Storage 

One of the most important things is that at the end of every day, you should store your scissors in the right place. The storage really does matter a lot. When you aren’t using your scissors, keep the blades closed at all times as this will help reduce any chances of any accidental damages to the edges of your blades. It’s best to store the scissors in a protective case so that they can always be in a safe place where no one else can use them or where the blades aren’t at any risk of getting damaged. 

4- Sharpening 

When you have to get the blades of your scissors sharpened, make sure to use a professional sharpening service provider for it. You can find several professionals around your area using the internet so do that and make sure that your blades are never damaged. If serviced correctly, the blades of your scissors will last quite long and you won’t have to worry about replacing them no matter what. 

5- Balancing 

Checking the balance of your scissors is another important tip. If the tension is too loose, you will end up giving poor haircuts to your clients and if the tension is too tight, the blades will start wearing. Check the balance of your scissors every now and then and make sure that it’s not too loose or not too tight. 


With these simple tips, you can easily add more years to your scissors. It’s all about taking care of the scissors because the more you maintain them, the better the results will be. 

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