How to Customize Graphics Template in DesignCap

There are various image editing and processing tools, and the most classical one is Photoshop.

Still, it is not an exaggeration to say that Photoshop and ideally help you do with graphics-related tasks. But for those who are not the main job of designing, purchasing a paid Photoshop feels a little high hurdle I will.

There are occasions when you come across situations where simple image processing must be performed.

This post will show how to use DesignCap, which can be used for free to create your graphic work.

It is a tool that can satisfy anyone from image processing beginners to those who are doing necessary image processing from day to day so that you can have a try to this tool.


What is DesignCap?

DesignCap is an all-in-one graphics editing tool that allows you to edit images from the most popular browsers.

Because it can be used on the internet, it is especially recommended for those who do not have dedicated image processing tools like Photoshop but want to do image editing without any installation.

How to use DesignCap?

First, access the DesignCap homepage.

You can use it to some extent without user registration, but it is recommended that you register as a user so that you can export your project to share, download or save.

To register, click “Sign Up-Free” displayed at the top right of the screen when you open this website in your browser.

The registration windows will be displayed in a pop-up.

It supports three ways of registration so that you can sign up with your Google account and Facebook account. Also, you can enter your email to register. And then, it will require you to select some to customize your account. 

Then select and customize the template.

A wide range of templates is availably suitable for various sizes for major Social media platforms such as Facebook covers, posts, YouTube thumbnail, Instagram, etc. Besides,  templates for various banner advertisements and templates that can be used in the header of emails. A variety of designs are available, so selecting and selecting one that suits your application will make it easier to create and edit images.

Select the type of picture you want to select or click the custom size in the upper right corner.

customize designcap templates

It supports millions of image resources and thousands of design templates. Whether it’s event poster production, logo, infographics, business card, menu or social media cover photos, you can find rich inspiration here.

If you don’t know where to start your design, Design Cap also provides a learning pipeline to teach you step by step how to make the picture you want.

Click the template and personalize the content yourself

designcap editing

Pictures and text can be modified. Whether it is resizing or color, flipping, cropping, adding special effects or filters, is very convenient, layer management also has a top function. You don’t have to keep pushing up one layer.

DesignCap provides a wealth of materials, from large photos and illustrations to small lines and icons, and the icons are classified.

With a search function, you can quickly find the relevant material they want.

In addition, DesignCap also provides commonly used modules, which can be easily applied without inspiration.

If you are interested in infographics, DesignCap also has a wealth of charting features to materialize the data quickly.

By combining rigid data charts with creative materials and poster designs, you can turn into an eye-catching design!

The interface is concise and easy to operate, suitable for you who want to make professional and unique designs quickly.

Output the works

After you finish editing, you can download it by clicking and downloading, but the free version only provides outputting small JPG files. It is recommended that free subscribers can upgrade to experience more complete functions. If you want to output higher-definition pictures, it would be better to use the updated plan to output PNG and PDF files.

To sum up

Is it easy to make beautiful pictures with Design Cap? For a monthly fee of Starbucks, you can buy a professional designer template, which is really a savior for office workers and students.

Hurry up and enter Design Cap’s free poster flyer design software to turn your inspiration into reality.

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