How To Clean & Care For Your Bamboo Utensils

bamboo kitchen utensils

For starters, if you are using bamboo utensils in your house, then we appreciate you on this step of yours because bamboo is a natural resource and it’s great that you are using it. Also, a lot of people confuse bamboo for wood which is completely wrong. You see bamboo is basically a very very strong grass and wood, on the other hand, is wood so both the things aren’t the same at all.

Not only cooking utensils, in fact, bamboo is now also used in furniture, but it’s also used to make cookware and it’s even used to make cutting boards. The point is that using bamboo is great and if you want to use more of natural resources in your house then yes, you should definitely look forward to using bamboo in the house.

Now, let’s talk about the part for which you are actually here and that is to learn how to clean and care for your bamboo utensils so that they can work for you for a longer time. Well, if you really want to keep your bamboo cooking utensils in the top-notch position then yes, you are at the right place. Just follow what we are about to tell you;

Things You Need

The three things you need to keep your utensils clean are;

  • A dish soap
  • A dry cloth
  • Bamboo oil or any food grade mineral oil.

Yes, you read it right, you just need these three things and now we are going to move to the part where we will tell you how the cleaning is supposed to be done.

1-Put some of the soap in some hot water and make it a mixture of hot soapy water. Once done, you now have to add your utensils inside that water and along with that, use a scrub or some cleaning cloth to get rid of all the food particles that are stuck on the bamboo.

2-Now, take some lukewarm water and once you know that the stuck food is gone, you now have to rinse your bamboo utensils with that warm water. After that just pat these utensils dry and put them in your dish dryer so that the water can completely dry.

Tip To Keep Your Bamboo Utensils Shiny and Fresh.

As said earlier, bamboo is basically grass and it can really get dry sometimes which obviously gives a weird rough look to the utensils. Now, if that’s happening to your utensils too then know that it’s high time to hydrate them up. All you need for this is some mineral oil or even bamboo oil will be enough. For the application, you just need to put some drops of that oil on your cleaning cloth and then rub it all over your utensils. Before using those utensils again, make sure to wait for at least a day or two so that they can get cured.


These are some of the tips that can come in handy to you if you want to keep your bamboo utensils clean. You see, the wiser thing to do is to clean these utensils every now and then and don’t wait for them to get into a really bad condition. Keep hydrating these things and make sure to put them in a clean place once you are done with all the washing and cleaning. Moreover, always let your bamboo dishes and other cooking utensils dry first before you put them back on the shelves or the closets. You see water can actually destroy your utensils whether it’s bamboo or wood.

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