How To Build And Manage Your Own MMA Gym

MMA is known as one of the fastest-growing sports around the world, with an increasing number of competitions such as UFC and Bellator. 

For that reason, many people take MMA as their interest, either to improve their physical strength or to become professional fighters. This increased interest makes owning an MMA gym a lucrative business.

However, building an MMA gym is not that easy for some people. This article today can help you with a comprehensive guide to develop and manage your own MMA gym.

Build Your Gym

Ready To Be A Trainer

First and foremost, to become a successful MMA gym owner, you should be an MMA fighter. It is best to have as many accolades as possible so that you will be a reliable teacher for your members. To be an MMA fighter, you have to learn a lot of skills and knowledge. One of the cheap and useful resources is to read blog about MMA. Try this link to gain more useful advice in MMA sport.

But what if you don’t have that much experience? 

Well, you can hire part-time trainers to teach classes. Or maybe you can cooperate with an intensive MMA fighter. However, it is best to start everything on your own and take the whole control.

Right Venue

The venue is the factor that makes the most significant contribution to the profit. So you should pay attention to the location. 

Here are the two aspects that you should take into account before renting a new space for your gym:

  • Visibility: The first thing you should consider is how visible your gym is in such a crowded city. It is better to have it on the street to attract new students as well as easier to locate.
  • Parking lot: You don’t want your students to have problems with parking their car when going to your gym, do you? In fact, struggling with car parking might turn your members off. As a result, they might not come to the class as regular as usual.

Teaching Style

The next thing you should take into account is the teaching style since it is the key to the equipment of your gym.

To determine your teaching style, you should consider your students. If your gym is for those who want a workout after work, you should have lessons for stress relief, burning fat, and something like that.

However, if you want your gym to be a place for martial art trainers, you should make sure that it meets all the requirements of a standard self-defense gym.

Finally, if your ambition is to hold a fight gym, you should know about fighting against both amateurs and professionals. 


Well, It’s the essential thing in your gym. However, equipment will cost you a considerable amount of money. So, think about the basic first.

Must-have things for your gyms include bags, mats, headgears. Your members will need them for both cursory and intensive training. Thus, make sure to purchase high-quality ones for long-term services. 

Manage Your Gym

Well, after you have your gym build, how to run and grow your business?

First, you should pay attention to marketing. People nowadays usually search for information before diving into something. Hence, it is better to have a social media page or a website where they can find informative things about your gym.  

Online advertising should come along with offline marketing. It means that you should have flyers put up to attract potential customers. And don’t forget to use your students to advertise your business.

Finally, make your students stay with you by the quality and membership preferential. An annual discount is also a great way to keep your customers around.


Alright, I have walked you through a guide for starting and running an MMA gym. I hope that this article today can help you have an objective look at the MMA gym.

If you have any doubts, please leave comments below, and we will answer you as soon as possible. Thank you for reading!

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