How Can Good VPS Hosting Help Boost The Performance Of Forex Trading?

Expanding Operational Effectiveness While Reducing Expenses
Foreign exchange trading tends to be built around small levels of increase from large investments. Certainly outliers exist, and there are always situations where larger returns develop. Generally, the threshold of profit based on forex investment you should expect is between 2% and 3% every month. Which isn’t a lot initially, but does exponentially expand.

So if you put $100 in Forex markets, you’d get $102 to $103 by the month’s end. If you compound $103 at 3% every month for twelve months, by the end of the year, you’re looking at $142.30, or thereabouts. So you see a total of over 42% increase on your initial investment if you managed to secure a 3% return every month. Realistically, it would be closer to $133k.

Expand that $100 Forex investment into $100,000. Now you’re looking at $33k+ in profit for the whole year. If you start the following year with the total from the previous year, within three years’ time you’ve more than doubled your money. Conceivably, then, what you could do is invest $100k with a good trader for three years, collect profit, and leave the rest in.

The thing is, a good trader is expensive. And you’re probably not starting with $100k. And there are associated operating expenses in the forex market, like the software you use to trade, and the technology you use to interact with that software. Here’s where Virtual Private Server (VPS) options come in.

What Is A VPS?
VPS options are hosted by a business that works with multiple clients. They must have the most cutting edge hardware and software available. They must manage that hardware and software continuously, which means dedicated staff. It also means monitoring and network security, as well as the latest in firewalls and antivirus software.

Additionally, individual users get their own individual dedicated IP, or Internet Protocol, and that can be alternated as necessary. So the latest hardware and software under the latest protections become available to host trading software. This means necessary automation around the clock is protected by top-tier businessmen who have their bottom line to protect.

Because VPS options are provided by companies who must serve the needs of multiple diverse clients, they have an incentive built around business goals for reliable technology. Forex traders have to risk massive quantities of cash in their trades, and things can go wrong. Ideally, more than 2% or 3% of the total investment isn’t lost; but it can be.

The 2% to 3% profit number takes into account potential losses from bad trades, and potential gains from good ones. It’s the monthly average of successful traders. So when you can secure that average by reducing overhead through top-tier options at reduced prices, it makes sense.

The Cost Of Avoiding VPS
Without using a VPS solution, you’ve got to pay for one or more servers, for server space, for electricity running those serves, to ship those servers, and to maintain those servers. Even if you personally have the technological acumen to do so, you’ll be dividing your time between making good trades and managing your servers. Also, switching up IPs becomes difficult.

Even more considerable is the “remote” aspect of forex trading which is lost when you’re running your operation internally with no external VPS option. Via VPS, you can login to your trading information wherever you can find a connection across the world. That’s not so easy if you’re running the hardware and software yourself.

With VPS, you can make trades from your smartphone on the fly. You can set things to run around the clock, and you can rely on how the digital clockwork you set in motion works. Doing so on your own is a totally different proposition. This is one of many reasons options like AccuWeb hosting make a lot of sense for forex traders seeking VPS solutions.

Basically: you save time by reducing complications in technology management. You save costs by paying a subscription fee for VPS rather than absorbing the cost of hardware and software. Accordingly, you secure your bottom line. This allows you to invest more, and make more returns. VPS options expedite forex trading, expanding profits, and reducing associated costs.

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