Top Home & Garden Product Trends for 2020

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Your home is where your heart is. Even if you spend a great and refreshing holiday with your family in a foreign country of your dreams, you will find peace once you come back home. This is why it is said that you should take good care of your home. If you go through a few home design magazines, you will come to know that home trends tend to change every year. By the time the year 2019 started, more and more homeowners started using earthy tones for their homes. Some of them also used sustainable design elements, together with tribal and ethnic patterns. Most of you may wonder what the year 2020 will bring with it in terms of home trends.

Black Will Rule the World of Colors

When it comes to home trends for the forthcoming year 2020, the color black will rule amongst other colors according to It is nothing surprising to notice that black has been in trend for quite a few years in a row. It is needless to say that black is one of those few colors that can be used rather effectively to create a quite beautiful space.


It has been a couple of years already since hygge became a thing. Some of the principles of the style include comfort and coziness that have continued to resonate even till this date. In case you are wondering what this all means, it basically means the use of more furniture that are made of natural materials and furniture for lounging purposes. Just imagine hardwood flooring and a big blue plush couch on which you can simply sit back and relax while enjoying cup of coffee and the beauty of Mother Nature.

Minimal Furniture with a Personal Touch

Imagine your house filled with all types of furniture, most of which are probably useless for you and your family. It will seem more like a storage space than your home. Now, imagine a house with minimal furniture, all of which are useful and plenty of open space to move around freely. The latter sounds more inviting, right? One of the biggest home trends in the year 2020 will be minimalism with a touch of personality. Minimal furniture will mean neutral colors and clean lines with pockets of different colors. Normally, you will notice personal touch in people’s homes when they display their favorite things with special meaning in their lives.

Open-Concept Homes

When it comes to interior designing, open-concept homes have remained a hot topic for discussion. This concept has been in use for a couple of years and is sure to be a popular home trend the next year, as well. Although many of you may not like the idea of an open-concept home, there are many people who love this idea since it allows them a bigger space to socialize with the kitchen often the center of all activities in the house.

Use of Geometric Tiles

When it comes to tiles, you will come across multiple varieties in the market. There was a time when plain tiles were quite popular for use in bathrooms and kitchens. However, things have changed and people are more eager to try out newer designed in tiles at homes. One of the popular home trends to be used in the year 2020 is Portuguese and Spanish inspired tiles that are making major statements in bathrooms and kitchens. These tiles are mostly black and white patterns that brings out a modern element into the design of your house.

Sustainable Designs

More and more people are getting concerned about the environment. As a result of this you will find a rise in the demand for sustainable designs with interior décor. This basically means that people are more interested in buying furniture that are made of bamboo or from repurposed items and recycled materials. These may include your sofa set, bed, wardrobe, tables, and chairs.

Boho Chic A Vintage Home Trend

If you visit a few homes, you will notice that some iteration of boho chic is always used. In fact, it has become a kind of a catch-all for any type of décor that mixes and matches with various designs. However, there are some specific pillows, wall art, and textiles that can actually help to create a boho chic look.

Place to Start a Conversation

A proper place for family members to have a healthy conversation is always welcome at home. Keeping this in mind, kitchen islands that come with an open design is a good place where people can talk to each other as opposed to kitchen islands where people can just talk to the person next to them. It will just be like a board room where office executives discuss matters and talk to each other, but in a more casual manner at home.

Earthy Tones Are In

If you think that use of earthy tones for home designs is a thing of the past, then you need to think again. According to experts, the “back to nature” trend is sure to gain more popularity in the following year with homeowners continuing to use earthy tones at home.

For any homeowner, the house is the biggest asset and taking care of the property will surely give you benefits in the days to come. When there are guests around at home, nobody would like to have a messed-up house. Neatly kept rooms and modern furniture will not just make your house look attractive and clean, it will also help you feel proud of your efforts.

There are several magazines and books available on the market that speak a lot on home trends. If you wish to change the look of your house and opt for a complete makeover of the property, referring to these magazines will help you get an idea of the latest trends that homeowners from your country follow. Although all the trends may not suit your house, it does not harm anyone to discuss it with an interior designing expert.

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