90% of surgeries for herniated discs can be avoided with non-invasive methods

herniated discs

An alarming fact reveals that up to 90% of surgical operations due to herniated discs in the spine can be avoided through non-invasive methods.

For years, surgeries have been promoted as the solution to herniated discs. In the United States alone 300,000 operations have been carried out at a cost of 70,000 dollars each, according to data from the newspaper ‘La Jornada’.

The reality of this problem is that in addition to the high risk taken by the patient when undergoing an intervention in the spine (since the procedure consists of extracting the damaged intervertebral disc that is oppressing some nerve root that causes the pain), a third of patients do not show any improvement and live with pain after surgery, because the root of the problem is not corrected.

However, a study published in the journal ‘JAMA’ states that the choice of surgery or other therapy for herniated disc is based on each patient’s own preferences and needs, since it has been found that most of the cases can be relieved with non-invasive treatments, such as resting, rehabilitation and drugs, although in this case recovery takes more time.

To avoid surgery, the root of the problem must be corrected, this is achieved by eliminating spasms and tension in the deeper intervertebral muscles and releasing the compressed disc as soon as possible, which allows them to start regenerating, thus eliminating hernias.

Reaching deep muscles is a difficult  task for massage therapists and chiropractors, making it a slow and expensive process, since they only relax this area superficially. 

However, there are new technologies to access the deep zones of the spine, which you can go to a specialized center to get them applied or use them yourself at home. 

Some positive effects can be achieved by practicing restorative yoga, using traction tables, or we have also heard many good opinions about Cordus, a simple Russian device and in certain cases, acupuncture and exercises can help as well.

In addition, some people often use pills and injections to relieve pain but specialists have a negative opinion about the constant use of these alternatives.

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