Guide to Buying the Best Survival Shovel

Last updated on November 7th, 2020 at 01:50 pm

survival ShovelHaving the right tools can make a huge difference when you are out in the woods or wilderness, and one of such tools is a survival shovel. 

Survival shovels are versatile, portable, lightweight and durable tools that are multifunctional and can be folded. Most people do not know how useful this tool is or its importance until they need one. 

Some have a serrated edge on one of the sides which can be used as a straw for cutting bushes. They may be used as pickaxes and may come with flints for starting fires. You can use them to dig outdoor toilets, clear soil from the tire of a vehicle that is stuck in the mud, dig a fire hole and many more.

Although they do not readily come to mind a lot of the times, they are so beneficial and useful so much so that when you begin to see the benefits, you cannot do without having them. You can check out this video to see some things you can do with this tool.

Most survival shovels look the same so getting the best can be quite hard but if you are certain of what to look for, you will be able to choose one with good quality. Not to worry though, this article aims to help make this easy and straightforward for you.

What are the Best Survival Shovels?

HARVET Portable Survival Shovel

The HARVET is a traditional portable shovel that is designed for doing the job. It is a durable stainless steel tool that is resistant to rust. It is so compact that it can be fitted into a small carry bag making it easy to transport or store.

The HARVET like most others is multifunctional with 16 different functions. It can be used as a knife, hammer, saw, screwdriver, wire cutter, fire starter and so on. It can also be used in three lengths which are 15.27 inches, 22 inches as well as 28.5 inches. Also, there are three angles of rotation that are available for the shovel head. They are 450, 900 and 1800.

A downside to it though is that the handle is not as strong and it wiggles during use.

Rhino USA

Rhino is a company that is known for providing quality outdoor gear and their survival shovel is one of the best. It is lightweight, coming in at around 2 pounds and will extend to 23 inches. When folded, it becomes a compact 9 inches by 6 inches making it quite easy to carry in its complimentary carry case or any bag of your choice.

One side of the Rhino USA is reinforced and has a serrated edge and it is good for wood cutting. The head can as well be adjusted to 900 and this enables it to be used in different modes; as an entrenching tool, a hoe, or a pickaxe.

The Rhino USA shovel is affordable and durable. It is a tool that provides you with several functionalities around the home or in the woods even though it may not have as many features as others.

REDCAMP Military Survival Shovel

This foldable multi tool shovel is made of carbon steel and aluminum. It is compact as well as highly functional coming in at just 2.5 pounds and when extended, it is 22.8 inches long. When it is folded, the whole size becomes 10.2 inches by 7.5 inches and this allows for easy mobility and storage.

The REDCAMP is high in quality and it is also durable and lightweight with one of its sides having a sawtooth edge that is useful for cutting. Due to its portability, it does not come with a lot of functions but when it comes to the basics, it still does the job.

REDCAMP offers a money-back guarantee of up to a year if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

ZUNE LOOTO Annihilate Tactical Survival Shovel

If you want one of the best survival shovels available then you need to check out the Annihilate Tactical. It is made from carbon steel and is extremely durable with a thick and strong joint.

It can be pivoted into six different angles; 300, 450, 600, 1150, 1350, and 1800. What this does is that you get more options without sacrificing strength.

In addition to the above, it comes with 23 military-grade tools such as the magnesium rod, wire cutter, tactical knife, and many more.

Although it is expensive, when you consider its quality, added tools and functions, it is worth the price. To top all these off, Zune Looto offers a lifetime warranty on this tool which shows how confident they are about their product.

EST Gear Survival Shovel

When it comes to emergencies, the EST Gear is one of the best inexpensive shovels you can use. It is made of hardened reinforced steel making it very durable as well as sturdy and it is useful in virtually any situation. This tool works well with raw materials and it is multi-functional having up to 18 tools in one.

The handle of the EST Gear is made with military-grade aluminum that provides a strong grip and it is quite easy to assemble or dismantle. This tool is compact and lightweight and will perfectly fit into your backpack. It comes with a complimentary ripstop pouch for easier packaging. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

To better aid your selection, you can check out what to look out for when buying a survival shovel in this article  


Survival shovels are one of the most underrated survival tools but they come with plenty of benefits. The good thing is that most of the best ones are compact, foldable and multi-functional. Whether you are outdoors in the woods or around the house, they are handy and useful. You do not have to look any further; you can choose any one from the list above.

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