Exposure through Press Releases

Press releases by PR360.com offer exceptional results for virtually any business, regardless of size, profit margins, profile, and industry. This brings us to the next question: what exactly can your company achieve through a press release? Here are some benefits of preparing press releases with the help of Pr 360 that your clients get each month.

Instant Exposure:

Business owners with limited resources, how could you spread the word about your company and products most efficiently, without investing thousands of money to achieve your goal?

Press releases allow you to build trust and authority on different fronts, encouraging journalists and the media to cover your story, and also giving your potential customers a new reason to visit your website and visit your store.

Recent statistics presented indicate that more than 70% of B2B merchants use content marketing to generate new sales opportunities.

This sounds incredible, but what if we told you that you could increase this percentage through press releases? You can use the blog of your company’s corporate website or your social networks to transmit information to your potential clients, but when you do it using press releases, you can reach the public that does not yet know you.

Increase Traffic To Your Website:

According to data shared by many sites, 80 million people worldwide connect to the Internet every day. This impressive number reveals how important it is to use each marketing trick to increase your exposure within your target audience.

Other Publications Will Share The Content:

The purpose of a press release created by Pr360 is to get your news to reach as many people as possible. Many companies achieve success by uploading a press release to the network, where it will be sent to thousands of publications and, finally, shared in other places on the Internet.

You Build Links:

One of the great benefits of press releases within your marketing strategy is link building. The media coverage you get with press releases will provide you with essential benefits to your SEO strategy. 

Steps To Succeeding Your Press Release:

The first words in your press release are probably the most important. They are determining in the continuation or not of the reading of your document. So make attractive press release take help of online pr company.


Title Of The Press Release:

As you will have understood, you must pay attention to the title, but also the introduction. Your title should be short and catchy. The goal is to present your company or event in a succinct but explicit way.


Beyond the text, the visual can also be decisive in the reading of your press release.

Your cover page design by Conversion Based PR Agency must contain at least:

  • Your title¬†
  • Your logo
  • The name of your company or event
  • The date if it is an event
  • An image representing your project or event

Inside your press release insert good quality visuals to illustrate your remarks: photographs, graphs for your numbers, etc.

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