Dyson V6 Motor Head Review & Buyer’s Guide – Is it the Best Buy?

Last updated on December 1st, 2018 at 12:10 pm

dyson v6 motor head review

Looking for the best cordless vacuum 2019 editions, that’s great, because you reached the destination.

Because today, we are reviewing the Dyson V6 Motor Head.

The Dyson V6 Motor Head is one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners in 2019, and the machine is one of the best cordless vacuum that can offer you a wide range of worthy features.

So, guys, let’s get ready to check out the detailed review of Dyson V6 Motor Head, in which we will share every single feature of the Dyson V6 Motor Head.

Stick vacuums may not be as costly as your SUV, but it is still worthy of research before making a wise decision.

To ensure the best value for money, we are going to review Dyson V6 Motorhead vacuum cleaner.


Dyson V6 Motor Head

Don’t go with its girly purple and pink look, Dyson V6 Motor Head is truly manly by performance.

It has direct-drive bristles to go deeper into the carpet so you can have 75% more cleaning strength as compared to V6. 

The balanced wand of this stick vacuum makes it very simple to clean up moldings and other high surfaces.

You can easily turn it into the handheld vacuum to reach smaller areas.

You can turn it into the max mode to suck bigger messes and you can easily clean it up with push button.

You can get up to 20 minutes of time for cleanup by charging it up for three and half hour.

It has got the docking station, accessory tool, and a crevice tool. You may buy other accessories by paying extra.

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Design & Looks – 

Dyson V6 Motorhead weighs just 4.9 pounds and it has most of its power on its base. You can easily hold it by the handle, click wand, and place the motorized head on the place, press the trigger on the handle and you can easily vacuum.  

Dyson V6 Motor Head vacuum cleaner

You can control most of its weight with hand. You can easily pivot the head and it maneuvers with ease. You can easily reach stairs, floors, and even ceilings without even changing the setup.


The great level of maneuverability, ergonomic build, snap-up extensions, and dustbin which is easy to empty, you can get a vacuum which is both fun and simple to use.

It seems like you have got a big gun and you can perform more action-packed cleaning with this Dyson cleaner.

The wand and extensions are very simple to clean up and snap into and off and you can switch between various tasks like a breeze.

Pros Of Dyson V6 Motor Head

According to the reviewers, Dyson V6 Motorhead will truly impress you with its performance and it has got perfect 10 for its cleaning ability to wipe up carpets, hard floors, pet dander, and stairs.

It is also easy to maneuver and very durable according to users.

Dyson V6 Motor Head cordless vacuum cleaner

In addition, its powerful suction and push-button empty system is another plus.

Cons Of Dyson V6 Motor Head

The time it takes to charge and battery life is the biggest problems many users have reported. This is the reason it scored 7 out of 10 according to our tests.

Some users have reported that only 6 minutes of time on max mode was not enough to do the job. The bin was also found small. In addition, it was found a bit noisy. Overall, the reviews were positive.

Final Verdict About The Dyson V6 Motor Head

All in all, Dyson V6 Motor Head has scored highest than other stick vacuums with users and it was also less costly as compared to same models like V6.

It is praised for its performance on stairs. So, it is great for those who have multi-level apartments.

So, folks, it was the all about the Dyson V6 Motor Head and I hope you liked this article. 

You will get every single feature in this cleaner that you are expecting from your next best cordless vacuum cleaner.

Now, it is the time to check out the reviews and rating on amazon.com about Dyson V6 Motor Head.

And according to me, you can go for this cordless vacuum without any if or but. 

Because the device is engineered to perform excellently in your home as well as the office.

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