Driving Under Influence? Think Twice!

There are several crimes for which you can get locked inside. Driving while under the influence of alcohol and drugs is a commonly occurring scenario that can get you behind bars. Previously, driving under the influence offense was mostly limited to alcohol and other hardcore drugs such as cocaine and meth. But with several states decriminalizing marijuana for only medical use, if you possess this entity, you can end up in jail.

A police officer determines and observes the basic functionalities of your body, scrutinizes your actions, and carries out various types of tests to prove the offense. He or she evaluates the standard functions of the human body, such as the ability to talk, walk, hear, make decisions, and judgements. They can also check upon mental functionality. Several factors determine the case of a person driving under the influence:

  • Whether the person is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or marijuana.
  • The pattern of the person driving.
  • The consumption and frequency ratio of the alcohol or the drugs.
  • The time of the consumption.
  • Whether the drink was diluted after the consumption.
  • Weight and the age of the person. If underaged, you can face severe consequences.
  • Strong odors of alcohol.
  • Driver statements of the person regarding the confessing of influence.
  • Spotting of alcoholic cans, bottles, and drugs in the vehicle.

Driving under the influence defense lawyers learn all the shortcomings of the case systematically and come up with several defenses to support their respective clients. A renowned advocate will distinguish what sort of proof the prosecuting attorney requires to permit the offender. For a session on any legal insinuations, check out Castle Bail Bonds Ohio for accurate supervision. Generally, a police officer will rely on the confessions of the driver to make the case secure. With the aid of a professional law company, you will tend to get precise help. The law enforcement officers carry out various tests, such as blood tests and pupillometry, to check the intoxication. 

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Blood Tests

Blood tests are a reliable way to prove that the person was under the influence of alcohol. Nevertheless, it is complicated when it comes to testing for drugs. Since few drugs, including marijuana, can remain in the system for more than two weeks, these tests tend to be not useful enough in such cases.

Pupillometric Tests

This test involves the scrutinization of the human eye and its functions, and it has received immense importance in vision sciences. The pupil dilations have aided the police officers to examine whether you are under the influence or not.  Several companies have come up with newer innovations leading to specific biomarkers that facilitate the examination of the pupils. 

Posting a bail bond for driving under the influence case can result in massive fines. Therefore, you must contact a law attorney immediately for guidance. These law attorneys can aid you in reducing the charges of the offense and help you in any dismissal of trials.

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