Dirt Devil Cordless Vacuum Cleaner “Review & Buyer’s Guide”

Last updated on March 16th, 2018 at 10:26 am

Dirt Devil Cordless Vacuum Review

With over 14000 star rating on Amazon, The Dirt Devil Cordless vacuum cleaner has become one of the best selling vacuum cleaners. 

With up to 6 hours of charging time, you can easily vacuum your home. It can easily clean up carpets to hardwood with on/off function of brush roll switch.

It is a very handy option for you to keep your floor safe from unsightly marks. The Accucharge technology can the keep track on the battery on the constant basis when it starts charging.

Once the battery is charged fully, it reduces the power to keep the battery from taking power any more. When the vacuum cleaner is still on the charger, it reduces energy.

So, now, let’s check out the complete review of this Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

Some Main Pros Of Dirt Devil Cordless Vacuum

Dirt Devil Vacuum review

  • Takes only 6 hours of charging
  • Leave it on the charger without any fear of overcharging
  • Light
  • Motorized brush roll for carpet cleaning
  • Swivel feature which makes it simple to maneuver
  • Self-standing charger
  • Canister is easy to remove
  • Handle is foldable to save space

Some Of The Cons Of Dirt Devil

  • Brush clogs too frequently when used to clean pet hair
  • Noisy motor
  • Battery drains faster
  • Dirt container is not large enough
  • Problem in collecting larger pieces
  • In-built battery may cause problem in long run
  • Washing filter adds to operating cost

Suction Performance Of Dirt Devil Cordless Vacuum

Dirt Devil

Sadly Dirt Devil Cordless Vacuum Cleaner was not that impressive when it comes to vacuuming performance.

On both hardwood and carpet, a large amount of sawdust was sprinkled. We tested it to see how many trips it takes to clean up the area properly.

It took six passes to remove the sawdust. On the hardwood, it performed much better and it picked 95% of hair. It doesn’t have detachable hand vacuum.


Overall, the Dirt Devil cordless vacuum cleaner is user-friendly as compared to other vacuums tested by us. The folding handle is one of the best features of this stick vacuum cleaner.

It is easy to fold in half when you have to store it. It saves a lot of space. It sits well on the charging stand after folding it and it can easily charge overnight. Dirt cup was very simple to clean as it pops just off and it comes with a button which snaps open the cup to pour dirt on the trash directly. It also has HEPA filtration to remove 100% of dust particles from the air.

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Design And Looks Of Dirt Devil Cordless Vacuum

Dirt Devil Review

With up to 6 hours of charging time, Dirt Devil is not that fast but it is still good for overall performance.

It is enough because it takes low power to save on utility bills. It is also a quiet home appliance as it blows only 82.5db of sound.

Final Verdict About The Dirt Devil Cordless Vacuum

You can always get the high level of performance with Dirt Devil and it is very simple to use at the very budget-friendly price.

It is also easy to set up and use and it is certified with Energy Star rating. It has adaptive swivel head and you can easily go through tough corners with it.

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