DCYBEL Headphones Review: Choose the Best in 2020

Today, everyone needs your privacy, whether at home, at work or even on the street. For this, each individual needs audio headphones to remain in their bubble and isolate themselves from their surroundings for a short period of time. In addition, all activities become more enjoyable when listening to music or even an audiobook, such as the endless trip to school or work, the trip that lasts forever or the practice of your favorite physical activity. For this reason, the purchase of headphones with multiple functions becomes indisputable and is an integral part of our annual budget, whether it is a large sum or a few tickets, there is something for all media but also for all tastes.

These criteria may refer to the acoustic power, the accompanying accessories, the design, the sound quality or the fact that it includes the latest technologies. However, what you need to know before buying one is that there are three main families divided according to their interaction with the ear, the circumaural: the headphones that surround the entire ear and are bulky, the supraaural, which rest directly on the ears and have a smaller size than the previous ones and, finally, the intraaural ones, which are very flexible and lightweight and are placed directly in the ear. This criterion allows us to differentiate between a headset for domestic use, the one used at home with a computer or television and the nomad, which must be foldable and easily transportable.

And so, in this article, we will introduce you to the headphones of a famous brand, which is none other than DCYBEL.

DCYBEL is a brand that offers a wide range of headphones and audio headphones at attractive prices for the general public. In fact, it offers intraaural headphones for mainly nomadic use, other supraaural headphones and even those intended for children with adapted sound power, sufficient to satisfy the whole family and all categories. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you more about Dcybel headphones, taking into account their advantages and disadvantages, to help you make your choice, saim deals have more reviews about headsets and other speakers which make you selection easy while purchase your next gadget.

DCYBEL LIBERTY headset review

It is an easy-to-use Bluetooth headset that allows good listening freedom. It offers a balanced hearing quality with highs and lows. Thanks to the “Dj-style” system, the user can interrupt and resume their music at will, and is also equipped with a microphone to answer phone calls without difficulty. To help you make your choice, we suggest you read the advantages and disadvantages of the model.

Advantages of the DCYBEL LIBERTY headphones

  • It offers a clean and balanced sound.
  • It is a lightweight and space saving model.
  • It is a folding and easily transportable model.
  • It has a remote control for easy control.
  • It has a microphone to receive phone calls.
  • It includes speakers.
  • It is a product with a good quality / price ratio.

Disadvantages of the DCYBEL LIBERTY headphones

  • Its autonomy is only seven (07) hours, it does not allow to sustain it during the day.
  • It does not have a noise reducer and therefore is not well insulated from the outside world.

DCYBEL KID-SOUND headset review

As the name implies, these are headphones with cable for young children, with an adjustable headband depending on the size of the heads of younger children. Although its sound power is limited to 85 dB, it produces a clean and balanced sound that is unsurpassed compared to that of adults. Its rounded and colorful design is perfect for children. Below are the main advantages and some disadvantages of this model.

Advantages of the DCYBEL KID-SOUND headphones

  • Sound power adapted to protect the little ones.
  • It is a folding and easily transportable model.
  • It exists in several colors, which correspond to the taste of the youngest.
  • Its adjustable ring allows it to adapt to various sizes and ages.
  • It includes speakers.
  • Includes a socket to share to connect another headset.

Disadvantages of the DCYBEL KID-SOUND headphones

  • Although it exists in different colors, it is rather a model for girls.
  • It has a too short cable, which allows a medium freedom of movement.

DCYBEL VIBES headphones

It is lightweight headphones with a discreet design that is more suitable for mobile use, provides powerful sound with clean bass and a limited sound power of 103 dB. Thanks to its folding ring, it is very practical and easy to transport. To have more information about the model, let’s turn to its main advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of DCYBEL VIBES headphones

  • It is a lightweight model with a discreet design.
  • It provides a sound with a power of 103 dB
  • This is a model with a hoop with cable.
  • It has a remote control and a built-in microphone.
  • It has a built-in microphone for volume control.
  • It is a folding model and therefore easily transportable.
  • It has 40 mm speakers.

Disadvantages of the DCYBEL VIBES headphones

  • It has a relatively short 1.2 m cable.
  • Its sound is not balanced with an emphasis on the bass.

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