A Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Best Quality Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth has been an industry standard for smartphones since the early days of Android phones. The technology is so flexible that it has been built into other devices including computers and tablets for even more connectivity. People are using Bluetooth gaming controllers, headphones, and – of course – speakers.

With all of the choices out there for Bluetooth speakers, there’s no doubt you’ll be stuck for choice. Keep reading for a complete buyer’s guide to choose the best quality Bluetooth speaker.


There are several reasons to invest in a waterproof speaker, including using one in the shower or by the swimming pool. If you’ll be taking your speaker outside with you to the beach or camping, then you should consider getting a waterproof one. 

These speakers are separated into different levels of waterproof-ness. Some of them are merely resistant to a little water while others can be fully submerged for up to hours at a time. The IP rating of a speaker tells you how waterproof it is. The higher the rating, the longer it can last in water. 

Personal Assistant Capabilities

Do you want a regular speaker, or would you like to do more than just play music? If you want more, then consider getting one that connects with personal assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home. 

These speakers are high quality, of course, but they are smarter because they connect to Wi-Fi. These speakers can be used to search the internet, perform actions, control smart home technology and, of course, have fun. 

What’s better; these speakers are relatively inexpensive for smart technology. They can cost as little as $50 depending on the brand.

Battery Life

Bluetooth speakers are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. That means that they come with different battery sizes. If you’re never too far away from an outlet and can keep your speaker charged that won’t be a problem. If you plan on traveling though, then you want to get something with some power. 

There are plenty of speakers that have an average battery life of up to 10 hours, with some going further and having 20 hours (or more) of power per charge. Be sure to look at how long the battery lasts on average, as well as how long it takes to recharge. 

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Special Features 

What special features are available for a speaker can vary drastically depending on the make and model. Which features you want the speaker to have, if any, will be a serious factor in which one you end up buying. For example, some speakers have built in microphones that make them effective for making and receiving calls. 

Some speakers have the option to pair up with other speakers to create surround sound and stereo sound. It’s more than just having two speakers next to each other. It plays music how it was created, like headphones do. If you’re going to flood a party with sound, then having two (or more) paired up to spread the sound around is a great idea. 

Larger speakers may feature an internal battery. This battery allows you to charge up another device like a smartphone. That’s a good feature to have on your side if you think your phone won’t last. There’s generally enough juice in one of these speakers to keep playing music until the playlist is over. 

Some speakers are very basic and don’t even feature physical buttons or even a headphone jack. That means that you’ll need to use your main device to control everything. It doesn’t sound too bad at first, but it is more inconvenient. It’s the kind of thing that steadily gets more annoying. 


Price is one of the biggest considerations with any purchase. The cost is what makes the difference between the things you want and the things you really need. You don’t need to give up a lot of money to get a speaker that sounds good if you’re willing to sacrifice other features and options. 

Low-end good quality speakers will set you back around $20-$50. For that cost you’ll get something suited to small home environments. Most people could get away with something at that cost. For around $100 you’ll find speakers that have microphones, bigger batteries, and some water resistance. This is also the price range where you start to see Smart Bluetooth speakers like Amazon Echo. At the high end you have $150 speakers that can be fully submerged in water, charge a phone, and last a full weekend. 


Bluetooth speakers are fantastic pieces of technology. How much one costs depends on what you need from it. The more features you have, such as an internal battery or water-resistance, the more it’s going to cost. Shop around to find the best deal on the best Bluetooth speaker for you. 

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