How to Choose the Best Counsellors and Counselling Clinic in Vancouver

Last updated on November 24th, 2020 at 11:26 am

Vancouver is one of the major cities in western Canada. It is located in the lower mainland region of British Columbia. It has the highest population of people in Canada. A mental health report showed that depression and mental health issues are prevalent among Canadian youth between the ages of 15 – 24. 

Apart from that, a lot of people are going through challenging moments such as lack of motivation in their workplace, inability to accomplish goals, hurts from previous relationships, divorce, drug abuse and so on. The truth remains that many people still think that they do not need counselling. Some believe that it is a routine that is made for “crazy” people while others think it is too expensive. 

However, there are people who really desire to speak to a counsellor but cannot seem to find the right counselling clinic. If you fall into this category, this article was written just for you. And if you still think that counselling is not for you, we hope that by the end of this article, you will see reasons to visit a counsellor.

Why You May Need Counseling, Even if You Think You Don’t

You may not know that you need counseling; a lot of people actually think that they don’t. Everything seems to be alright, after all. So, why do you need to fix what is not broken? Here are the reasons you need to think about, even when it feels as though everything is going fine for you.

1. Self-Development

A counsellor can assist you in becoming better by showing you new ways to grow. Everyone needs extra push to spark development both professionally and personally. During counselling sessions, you will be led to develop behaviors and traits that you have always aspired to have.

2. Maintaining Good Mental Health

It is important to maintain your mental health. You cannot continue to drive your car all year round without changing the oil; your engine will break down. The same thing can happen to your mental health. But counselling provides a means of keeping you sane despite the challenges you face daily.

3. Overcoming Past Relationship Patterns

A counsellor can help you go over the things that went wrong in your previous relationships, so you can avoid them in the future. This will make you feel better and more confident when you decide to start a new relationship.

4. Breaking Bad Habits

Everyone has got one or more habits that they find difficult to break. Whether it is trying to stick to an exercise routine, quit smoking, or struggling with portion control for weight loss, a counsellor can get you the help that you need to conquer/break those bad habits.

5. Creating a New Normal

A lot of people suffer from hurts for a long time. At some point, they learn to live with those issues such that it feels normal. You do not think that you need to talk to a counsellor because you don’t think it can change anything. But talking to a counselor can make a whole lot of difference in your state of mind. 

Even if you think you do not need counselling, it can still be helpful. You can visit Vancouver counselling to find the support that can improve your mental health and total wellness.

Tips for Choosing the Ideal Counsellor and Counselling Clinic 

Here are tips to consider when choosing the ideal counsellor and counselling clinic:

1. Ask for Referrals

You can make a list of counsellors you think will be good for you. Get a referral from your doctor or ask friends, family members, and other health care providers to make recommendations. Take some time to do proper research about the counsellors and the clinics. If they have a website, you can read reviews from their patients. Then, decide on which clinic you need to visit.

2. Research on the Credentials of the Counsellor

You need to be sure that the counsellor has a license. When you visit the clinic, you can ask to see the counsellor’s license. It shows that they have the basic skills, training, and experience to operate. You also need to research to be sure that they have no history of disciplinary actions or malpractice claims. 

3. Ask About Their Experience

When it comes to handling the challenges of life, experience matters a lot. You need to ensure that the counsellor has several years of experience. You can find out if the counsellor has been trained in areas related to your situation. Also, find out the number of patients with your particular problem or condition that they have handled. 

4. Consider the Gender

You need to be sure that you are comfortable with the gender of the counsellor since you will be discussing your personal information. Women and men have different needs when it comes to counselling. This is often related to caregiving, societal, or cultural roles. 

5. Evaluate the Communication Style

Observe the way the communication flows between you and the counsellor. You need to take note of how they respond to your questions. You also need to assess if they understand your challenge and if they are really interested in helping you get better. You may want to read this article to find out the attributes of an effective counsellor.

6. Know Your Insurance Coverage

It is important to know what your insurance covers. You need to choose a counselling clinic that participates in your insurance plan. This will enable you to pay less and enjoy better care. However, you still need to ensure that the clinic in your insurance plan has the right credentials, experience, results, and quality.


Whether you are looking for ways to create a new way of living, break old habits, develop yourself, overcome past relationship patterns, or maintain good mental health, a good counsellor can help you. You do not have to wait until depression or anxiety sets in before getting help. 

Everyone has to face challenges daily, which is enough to make us break down, mentally. But you can be a better version of you if you can just reach out and speak to a certified counsellor.

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