Top Hair Straighteners You Must Try in 2020

For a budget around $50-100, here are some good quality hair straighteners, which do not damage your hair!  Use of these straighteners will make your hair more pretty and beautiful. Here the most important thing that you always need to remember, make it sure to check the top product reviews and buyer’s guide. This will allow you to know what exactly people are buying from the market and what’s in trends now as well. How you may do so? There are number of websites there which showcase the top product reviews and buyer’s guide online regularly. You just need to visit them and you will have what you are in need of. Let’s check below a couple of the hair straighteners you must try in 2020. We compiled this list on the basis of their reviews and guides. 

best hair straightener 2020

Top Hair Straighteners for 2020 – Under $100 & Under $50


  • Remington Keratin Protect S8598


This hair straightener is an excellent Remington product that offers some interesting features compared to other models.

Starting with the plates that are covered with ceramic, a material adapted to protect the hair during smoothing, and which ensures an even distribution of heat. These plates are enriched with keratin (hence the name straightener) and almond oil to make your hair soft, healthy and bright from the first use.

Good size, they will be practical, even for long hair. And since they are floating, they will not exert excessive pressure on the hair fiber.  The temperature of the Remington Keratin Protect can be set manually with five choice levels from 160 ° C to 230 ° C. 

For those in a hurry, a Turbo Boost technology is supposed to allow the device to quickly reach the desired temperature. In short, it heats quickly. And once this temperature is reached, an audible alarm warns you. 

With a pleasant grip, this straightener makes your smoothness easy, thanks to a digital display of the temperature (with the possibility of manually selecting the one that suits your type of hair), a long cable of 3 meters, and a thermal pocket. The straightener turns off automatically if it is not used after 60 seconds. Practical and safe yes, but we find this time a little short. 

Finally, this small price straightener is all of a big. We recommend it for its very fast heating time, its efficiency and its pleasant handling. Although his appearance is not super refined, he does his job very well. And then, enriched with keratin and sweet almond oil, it takes care of your hair by nourishing deeply. 


  • Madame Paris Edition Nina


Madame Paris brings together a team of four beauty and fashion professionals, and offers a diverse selection of hair devices including curling irons, straighteners, straightening brushes, etc. 

And among their products, it is their bestseller, straightener Nina, particularly appreciated for its versatility, which seduced us. Thanks to its rounded shape, it also offers you the possibility of waving your hair in two or three movements. 

  • Its ceramic plates, material recommended for its good conduction, exude ions that tame your frizz to offer you an optimal smoothing smoothly. 
  • The temperature is adjustable from 130 to 230 ° C and thanks to its infrared technology; it will heat in less than 30 seconds. 
  • Its plates (11.5 x 2.5 cm) make it a space-saving straightener, but they will be a little narrow for long hair. For long hair, we advise you to take a look at another model from Madame Paris: the Ella, with wider plates. 
  • Comes in a nice box, it is accompanied by many accessories including elastics, a comb, a pocket mirror, a scald glove, pliers, a storage bag and a silicone tip to close and store your straightener without danger.

Among the little extras, you also get an LCD screen to control the temperature you want, a rotating cord (convenient and ergonomic), an automatic shutdown function, and a warranty of 5 years (although it seems a little complex to activate).

And on the user side, the satisfaction is there too! Suitable for almost any hair, it is effective, practical and manageable. And for the followers of the change, it will also allow you to wave your hair. In short, he convinced us!


  • Philips HP8372 / 00 MoistureProtect


Developed by the famous Dutch brand, especially known for its beauty devices, here is a model that promises to take care of your hair! 

Indeed, this straightener is equipped with a sensor that measures and maintains the hydration of the hair! According to Philips, the sensor diagnoses your hair 30 times a second and thus adapts the temperature to preserve the natural hydration of the hair. Note that this option can be activated and deactivated as desired. 

With its floating ceramic plates, this straightener adjusts the pressure on each bit during smoothing. This material also helps protect your hair through the diffusion of negative ions. 

Equipped with three adjustable temperature levels (150, 175 and 200 ° C) achieved in less than 15 seconds of heating time, it will be suitable for fine and fragile hair as well as thicker hair. For frizzy hair, the temperature will probably be a little low to effectively smooth your hair.

With a long cord (2.0 m) and rotating, the Philips MoistureProtect offers a good grip. And to optimize its ergonomics, it incorporates an automatic shutdown function and offers a storage bag with Velcro closure, which facilitates its transport. 

The hair straightener also has an automatic shutdown function that turns it off if it is not used after 60 minutes.  Performance issue, Moisture Protect technology makes this straightener tightens the scales of the hair. Your mane will be less dry after the passage of the plates, which is a significant advantage compared to other models.

Behind its glamorous and elegant design lies an efficient, practical and well-designed device that preserves the natural hydration state of your hair. Although it is sometimes necessary to iron several times on the rebellious locks, it will be an excellent mid-range alternative for smooth and healthy hair.

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