5 Tips to Keep a Healthy Heart

Your heart is one single body part that all the other parts depend on to function optimally. Just like automobiles have engines, human bodies have the heart that controls all the other physical functions. 

healthy heart

Surprisingly,  according to statistics from the American Heart Association, 5% of Americans suffer from heart related complications. Most of these are a result of a poor lifestyle. 

In this article, we delve into some of the key tips you need to understand for good heart health. Let’s jump in.

Eat the right things

This is easier said than done. We are all victims of junk and processed foods at some time. It is reported that an average American gets 80% of their salt intake from these processed foods. This increases the sodium content in our bodies and puts the heart at risk. You can exploit other alternatives such as vinegar to add flavor to food. 

Evidently, a healthy heart is ‘choosy’ when it comes to the foods you should take. You should leverage foods that aid heart health by lowering blood pressure, reducing both cholesterol and inflammation. Some of these foods you should try out include; oats, fatty fish, avocados, olive oil, nuts and seeds, beets, legumes, oats, and barley.

Exercise daily

This is something ‘ couch potatoes’ do not want to read about, unfortunately, it’s a sure way if you never want to interact with a CPR bystander in your life. Three types of exercise are recommended for a great heart; aerobics, resistance, and flexibility ( yoga, training for strength, jogging, and running).  You can always shift between these exercises to get the best results.

Get enough sleep

It is recommended that you sleep 8 – 9 hours a day – this is great for your general health. Sleeping for lesser hours changes the way our body functions and might lower your blood pressure putting you at risk of heart-related conditions. Not getting enough sleep also lowers your immune system and might put you at risk of opportunistic diseases especially if you are a sexually active person.

For school goers, getting enough sleep might be a challenge but it is one of the factors that will catapult your performance in examination tests. Get adequate sleep especially when approaching the exams.

Stop Smoking

Smoking kills on average 5% of Americans and it is one of the major causes of heart-related complications. If you quit smoking, you are saving your heart and life from many complications.

Manage Stress

Life is a busy place and stressors are almost unavoidable. However, we can always manage these things that cause stress by taking steps such as registering for a yoga class, taking some dance classes, or allocating time for meditation. These are some small steps that can go a long way in making your heart health great.


Better heart health starts with you and your lifestyle. Keeping to better nutrition, exercising frequently and managing your stress will go a long way in helping your heart function at optimal levels. Adopting these techniques will have your body thanking you for the success. 

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