5 Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Shears For Your Salon

It goes without saying that the one tool that’s of utmost importance for a professional hairdresser is the hair shears. This key piece can be a game-changer for you, the work you do, and the experience of the job you have. Speaking of hair shears, finding the perfect pair can be a little overwhelming because there are just so many options there in the market. 

Especially if it’s your first time, you can easily be confused about what to buy and what not to buy. However, the good thing is that only if you consider a few factors before buying Japan shears or any other pair of shears, you might end up getting the best value for your money. 

Today this is what we will help you with! Here are the 5 important things you should consider when choosing the right shears for your salon; 

1- No One Size Can Fit All 

If someone is suggesting you measure the size of the shear with your hand, he’s making a fool out of you. There’s absolutely no logical explanation here for this method. In fact, the reality is that you should just buy one shear that you’ll be using in your hand to cut hair or palm to palm and the other piece will be longer for different techniques where you won’t have to worry about holding the hair in your hand. 

2- Buying From The Right Company 

Before you start looking for hair shears, it’s important that you research the company that you are buying from. The internet can be very handy for you here because you can search for the best companies offering high-quality shears. And then you can even read the online reviews to understand if the company and its products really are worth your money. It’s simple but most people often end up with cheap companies and brands just because they are offering shears at a lower price. Don’t let the price fool you and just buy what you really find worth your money. 

3- Know Your Blades 

One of the most important things is to know your blades no matter what. Ask yourself what kind of a blade are you looking for? Is it a convex edge or clamshell? What will give you the best and the smoothest cuts? You can also go for the sword blades but you must know that these blades are stiff due to the ridge down in the middle. Yes, they do give a stiffer cut but they are best suitable if you are working on thicker sections or are performing dry cutting. 

4- The Handles Matter 

You should be buying shears that have the right handles, fitting your hands perfectly. Hold the shears first, check if they are smooth and good in your hands, and then make a final buying decision. Here we would suggest that you go for crane handles as they are offset and have the best rotating thumb holes that can make the entire cutting process easier for you. 

5- Don’t Compromise On Quality For Less Money 

Haircutting is your profession and it’s something that helps you make money. You shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the hair shears just because it’s less expensive. We aren’t asking you to buy the most expensive shears in the market but just consider the price and check if it’s actually bringing you the best value for your money. 

Final Words

Consider these factors the next time you buy hair shears. We assure you that with all of this under consideration, you will end up with the right pair and the best haircut possible! 

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