5 Job Hunting Tips to Get the Job You Really Want

If you’re currently hunting for a job, then you know all too well how much work it takes. You spend hours in front of the computer finding the right jobs and perfecting your resume. You then send off your application with a prayer, hoping you’ll hear back from a hiring manager. 

It indeed takes a lot of energy to apply, and sometimes, it’s exhausting. But, what if we told you that it’s a lot easier to get your dream job than you may think? 


Check out these job hunting tips so you can work on getting the job you really want. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it! 

1. Impress a Potential Employer With a Stellar Cover Letter 

When turning in your resume and cover letter, before pressing the send button, take a minute to pause. Ask yourself if there’s anything you can do to improve your cover letter, in particular. If you feel it’s bland and doesn’t convey what you’d like it to, rewrite it! 


It’s essential to personalize your cover letter to make a lasting impression. To do that, explain what you love about the company you’re applying for and why you’d be a good fit. 


Your cover letter shouldn’t be generic. But instead, it should convey that you’re passionate about the available position!

2. Don’t Cram Everything on Your Resume 

Even if you have a lot of job experience, it’s best not to cram everything on your resume. What’ll end up happening is it’ll look cluttered, and it’ll be hard to read.


Your resume should be easy to read and not include every little thing about your work history. It may be challenging but narrow down your job history to the most important ones.


After deciding on the jobs to highlight, don’t forget to mention your accomplishments. Having it all fit on one page is preferable, although having it go onto a second page isn’t the end of the world.


3. Continue to Apply for More Work Even if You’re Confident You’ll Get a Job

You may have a follow-up interview coming up, and you’re confident you’ll get the job. Even if that’s true, it’s still in your best interest to apply for work in the meantime. 


The job may not pan out. And while you were waiting for a week to hear back, you could have gotten a headstart on applying for other work. Or, you got invited for a job interview elsewhere, but you said no because of how certain you were you’d get the job.


For example, say you applied for a medical director position at a healthcare facility. You’re sure you’ll get the job. But in the meantime, another facility is interested in interviewing you, and you say no. The other position doesn’t work out, though, and unfortunately, you lose out on both jobs. 


Don’t let this scenario happen to you! It doesn’t hurt to continue to apply or accept other interviews. Being confident is great, but not at the expense of losing out on other opportunities.


4. Put Together a Pre-Interview Project 

To impress the socks off a company, put together a pre-interview project

Now you won’t know every specific detail about the inner workings of a company yet. But from what you can tell from your research, think of a way to get the company’s attention. 


Going back to the medical director position, outline goals that you would work to achieve. That way, the medical facility would have a good idea of what type of projects you dedicate yourself to if you got the job.


Putting in the extra leg work will speak volumes to your potential employer! 


5. Pay Attention to the Details

When you’re applying for many jobs at once, it’s easy to get them mixed up. Make sure you’re clear on which company you’re interviewing with and what their history is. It’d be embarrassing to confuse them with another company!


To successfully get through the interviewing process, create a “cheat sheet.” Your notes will be something you can reference before each interview. With a cheat sheet, you can review facts about the company and details about the position. 


The more detail-oriented you are, the better chance you’ll impress the hiring manager and get the job!


Are you feeling better knowing you have some excellent job hunting tips up your sleeve? 


It may not happen overnight, but with dedication and a lot of creativity, you can get the job you want. 


Stand out in a sea of applicants, and you’ll score the perfect job. And when you do that, you can work hard doing something you love! 

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