10 Simple Camping Ideas, Hacks, Tips and Tricks for Camping Freak

Last updated on January 25th, 2020 at 05:35 pm

Hurray! Camping’s so much fun! Campfires, long night chit chats, songs, and spicing it up with an awesome view that we get by sitting high on a climbing tree stand! Yes, I do agree that it takes a lot of effort to make it fun-filled and happening!

With these cool camping tricks and ideas, you can simplify your effort and maximize your fun! 

This sounds exactly the way it did! How about prepping some of the cooking steps before in home itself? 

Prep your cooking session

For example, you can break open the eggs and put them in a bottle for easier use at the camping. You can also mark the levels and indicate how many eggs were used until the marked level.

  • Pancakes anyone?

To avoid mess and quick cleanup, you can store the batter of the pancakes in disposable bags. In this way, you can make hot pancakes on the go by simply cutting the tip of the coned disposable bags!

  • Less is more!

You know, it’s quite evident to pack the less as you can while traveling or camping. Thus, instead of carrying lots of bowls so as to serve food, you can try this hack while you are in a mood of some hasty, yummy dinner!

Make the bags of tortilla chips as the bowl, and serve them with shredded cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, meat, and anything you wish for!

  • How about getting fancy “home” feeling too?

Yes, most of us miss our washroom, especially when we are in a camp. That “home” feel can accompany you while you are out of your camping hammock. Also, you do not have to uncomfortably use the “public” service whenever you want to go to the loo!

Here’s what you can do. Prepare a comfortable commode by yourself by using a bucket, disposable bags, a portable toilet seat (of course!), some toilet paper, and kitty litter!

DIY Toilet

So, there you go! Enjoy your “Me time” without having to get uncomfortable or irritated even when you are camping!

  • Carry your meds:

Here’s a hack to store your meds in place. You can use any small pill storing container to store the necessary medicines in one place. 

Carry your meds

Always carry some basic meds for headache, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, cold and cough, some vapor rubs, mosquito creams, and also if you are under any medication, do not forget to get along them too.

  • Keep the matches safe and dry:

How to? Give credits to yourself by simply following this DIY technique: Take any canning jar and craft your own matchbox by tracing a circle with the help of sandpaper.

Keep the matches safe and dry

Now, using some hot glue, stick the circled sandpaper on the jar’s lid. So, there you go! All your match sticks are safe inside the jar!

  • Nobody likes the toilet paper roll to be dry. Isn’t it?

So as to keep your toilet paper dry all the way from your home to your destination by protecting from spilling of water or any other liquid items, here’s what you can do. 

You can make a small attempt in making a small protective layer over the toilet paper. For this, you can use an old coffee container or any other plastic containers (which is empty, of course!).

Now, make a large slit on any side of the container. Make sure the slit is wide enough so that it can pull through the toilet paper.

Now, you can punch in a hole on both ends of the container (bottom and lid) and run a string or a thread so that you can hang it anywhere!

  • Spare some room for the “brand new” dessert in town!

Make your kind of dessert when you are out for camping! Yes, all you need is some roll dough of crescent (which is readily available at stores), yummy chocolate frosting, marsh mellows, and a couple of pudding cups too.

You literally will be giving credits to yourself for evoking a “hidden chef” inside you for coming up with such a jaw-dropping delicious treat! I am pretty sure you are going to have a lot of fun while making a delicious treat for your children!

Also, as you are the “creator” of this very own dessert, you can have the privilege to pick your choice and add your kind of flavors in making the dessert to be yummy and tasty!

Everyone can have their own customized dessert, which is a perfect wrap to your happy, most wonderful camping!

  • Transform pill bottles into a first aid kit:

Fill all the necessary first aid basics such as band-aids, cotton balls, sanitizer, alcohol pads, ointments into any pill bottle. 

Thus, you can grab it when needed without having to dive into the whole luggage you are carrying!

  • Storing the spices:

Well, this can be tricky at times. What you can do is save some tic-tac boxes prior to your camping day. 

Decide the spices you may need when you are out for camping. You can use the tic-tac boxes to store the spices that you are willing to carry for your camping. Say hi to your new space saver!

Who says prepping for camping can be exhausting? With little tricks and ideas, you are sure to enjoy your “pre-camping” session too! 

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